Great West Virginia Snow Adventure

Children of the Rain Forest in South America get to be pen pals with children in West Virginia. They exchange gifts through the Teddy Bears and learn not only about a very different climate but promote cultural understanding.


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Teddy Bear Guardians of the Rain Forest: The Great West Virginia Snow Adventure is the a wonderful cross culture story about the Teddy Bears of the Rain Forest smuggling themselves to a West Virginia grade school so they can see snow. Includes customs from the Rain Forest plus Appalachian Folklore and Traditions. Excellent classroom tool.

The Wachs are sought after and very popular speakers, they are dedicated to visiting school children to share their unique experiences and talents and have inspired many to attain goals of environmental protection, art and social consciousness. Their school program enhances the classroom and opens young minds to many possibilities and potential careers.

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Martin & Delia Wach






9 x 12

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About the Author

Delia Bowman Wach is a highly acclaimed watercolor and mixed-media artist who has fallen in love with painting Teddy Bears and their friends.  Delia enjoyed placing small animals in many of her earlier works and was told that she seemed to give these creatures a living personality.  This ability has made her one... Read More