Piper the Elf’s Big Surprise

Mom’s Choice Award

Christmas is coming and Santa’s sleigh is in dire need of repairs.

Illustrated by Brian Dumm


Mom’s Choice Award

Christmas is coming and Santa’s sleigh is in dire need of repairs. When Santa asks for assistance, only Piper volunteers to help patch the run-down sleigh. As Piper learns how to repair a sleigh, she also learns a valuable lesson on helping others. Will the sleigh be ready for the midnight ride on Christmas Eve? This newest Piper the Elf adventure is full of surprises!

What People Say

Piper the Elf’s Big Surprise is a perfect holiday reminder of the importance of helping others. In this third installment, Piper is the only elf who volunteers to help Santa repair his sleigh in preparation for Christmas Eve. However, Santa is in for a big surprise! Ms. Driscoll reminds readers Christmas is a time for considering the needs of others. Though there is a clear practical lesson here, Ms. Driscoll delivers this moral in a whimsical and engaging manner which all children will enjoy. —Amy Eakle, Children’s Librarian, Bridgeport, WV

Another great story from a fabulous author! The elves learn how to work together and how important it is to think of others without expecting something in return. Piper the Elf exhibits caring and compassion which also can be a model of discussion with children. I’m anxious for the next Piper the Elf adventure!–Jan Phillips, Educator, Harrison County Board of Education, WV

Colleen Driscoll’s newest Piper the Elf story is delightful! In her third adventure about Santa’s spunkiest toy maker, Colleen does a masterful job teaching all of us about selflessness and the wonderful feeling we get from helping others. Brian Dumm’s colorful illustrations are a perfect complement to a great story. —Judy Beda, Librarian at St. Thomas Aquinas Regional School, VA


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About the Author

Zoom Into Books Author
Award-winning author Colleen Driscoll is a graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Her books, Piper the Elf Trains Santa, Piper the Elf and Santa’s Rockin’ Band, and Piper the Elf’s Big Surprise are Mom’s Choice Award recipients. The Driscoll family recorded the companion Piper the Elf audio books with original music. Colleen especially enjoys meeting her fans and inspiring others to write. She is part of the Headline Kids School Show Program and visits schools regularly. For more information visit www.PiperTheElf.com.

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