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“Oui, Oui!” is the consensus of parents, children and teachers as they read about a little mixed poodle named Tiramisu. Author Sharon Leigh brings the flavor of France and the streets of Paris to this wonderful middle grade reader not only teaching manners, morals, and friendship but the language of our friends, the French.

The story can be read in English and French and can aid in differentiated learning for K-6 as the reader is perfect for middle school and also excellent for story time in early grades. Included are games to increase vocabulary skills. Whether your school choice is private, public or home school get ready to meet one of the cutest dogs in town and you will be saying, “Merci,” at the end!

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Sharon Leigh






6 x 9

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French and English




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About the Author

Author and retired French teacher, Sharon Leigh, studied abroad in France for one year and was fortunate to travel throughout most of Western Europe and Cameroun, Africa. She had never witnessed such a love for dogs that exists and prevails in France. French cafes, bistros and boutiques invite family owned dogs into their establishments,... Read More