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Karna Bodman

Turning White House Experience into Political Thrillers

BeKarna Small Bodmanst selling author Karna Small Bodman offers her experiences as Senior Director of the National Security Council as an extraordinary insider’s look into the defense of our nation. Her latest novel, Castle Bravo—Indie Book Award Finalist and Paris Book Festival Honorable Mention—was released in New York at Book Expo America and has been on numerous Amazon Bestseller lists.

Karna began her career in San Francisco as a TV news reporter and anchor first for KRON-TV and then KGO-TV. She later moved to Washington, DC to anchor the Ten O’clock news on Channel 5, host a nationally syndicated program on business and economic issues as well as a three-hour news/talk radio show. When Ronald Reagan was elected President, he stood in front of Blair House and named Jim Brady as his Press Secretary with Karna as Jim’s Deputy. She had almost daily meetings with the President and traveled on Air Force One. She was also sent to South America and the Far East to give speeches to government, business and student groups on the President’s economic priorities.

Next, she was named Senior Director and spokesman for the National Security Council. She attended arms control talks with the Soviets and traveled with the team that briefed the leaders of Great Britain, France and Italy as well as Pope John Paul II. Those were “evil empire” days, so it was a unique experience to chat with the Soviet Union’s General Secretary Gorbachev at that first Summit meeting in Geneva. When Karna left The White House to become Senior Vice President of a Public Affairs firm, she was the highest ranking woman on The White House staff.

By now, she had written TV news scripts, briefing papers for the President, newspaper columns and magazine articles, but she had always wanted to write novels. She hopes you will enjoy her new thriller, CASTLE BRAVO as well as CHECKMATE, GAMBIT, FINAL FINESSE, and her short story, THE AGENT. She is currently working on #5, AFFAIRS OF STATE.

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Karna Small Bodman

The Honorable Karna Small Bodman served in The White House, first as Deputy Press Secretary and later as Senior Director of the National Security Council. At the time of her departure, she was the highest-ranking woman on The White House staff. She also spent fifteen years as a reporter, television news anchor and political commentator in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and New York City.

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