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Deb Brandon is a weaver, respected textile artist and enthusiast, recently retired math professor, mother, avid traveler, and award-winning author. She is also a brain injury survivor. Her journey toward reclaiming her life began with three brain surgeries, and has continued with new insights and discoveries every day since. She’s a popular speaker, talking openly about brain injury with hundreds of students and adults. She also shares her love of textile arts, especially ethnic and traditional textiles, with diverse audiences. Deb’s an active blogger and regularly participates in social media platforms including Facebook, where she discusses brain injury and its impact, and Twitter, where she posts observations about the sometimes absurd, sometimes bizarre, and always intriguing world of long-term brain injury survivors. Her books include the award-winning memoir But My Brain Had Other Ideas, and Threads Around the World, also an award-winner. Her essays have been widely published, including in HandEye MagazineWeaving Today, and Psychology Today.


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