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Headline Books has accounts established with most national book distributors including Baker & Taylor Books, Follett Library, The News Group, Hudson News and others.

Headline Books publishes fiction, non-fiction, and children’s books. We have published titles in several different genres (politics, art, current and historical events, self-help, spirituality, etc.), so the only restrictions are: 1) must not be X-rated, and 2) must be your work. We are particularly interested in acquiring authors interested in doing workshops, speaking engagements, and school visits. We currently have 131 active authors who travel and over 245 titles.


Do not send an entire book. Typically, a submission should include a one page cover letter (presenting your background, your reason for writing the book, the audience you envision, etc.), a one page synopsis and the first three chapters. We do accept email submissions but not unsolicited submissions. Please send query first.

Children's Books

Do not send an entire book! Typically, a submission should include a one page cover letter (presenting your background, your reason for writing the book, the audience you envision, etc.), an outline and the first three chapters. If your children’s book is short, please send entire manuscript. If illustrated, please send one copy of sample art for the book. Do not send original art, only a copy.

Final Note

Please be patient. It takes us a while (maybe several weeks, sometimes a few months) to read all that is coming in. We promise, however, that your manuscript will get a fair hearing. If it’s rejected, we’ll give you an idea as to why it was rejected. (Most likely, the reason will be that we don’t see a large enough market for it.)

Your submission must be your original work and unpublished.

We wish you the best of luck with your writing career. And above all— we hope you’ll keep writing.

We will consider manuscripts submitted either by individuals or by agents. The S.A.S.E. is essential either way; else we will not return materials.  Email submissions are preferred if possible but please send query to before sending manuscript.

Currently, Headline Kids is looking for children’s books with an educational aspect. We have a very successful School Show Program and are always interested in additional titles and authors! Authors should be willing and able to travel, promote, speak and attend conferences as their schedules allow.

Headline Books, Submissions, P. O. Box 52, Terra Alta, WV 26764



Headline Books is the 2015 Independent Publisher of the Year and was named 2014 Outstanding Independent Publisher of the year by the Indie Book Awards at an award reception at the Harvard Club in New York City.

Grand Prize Winners in London, Midwest, Southeast, and DIY Book Festivals years 2010, 2011, 2013 also resulted in an Independent Publisher of the Year Award.

Our titles have won 341 National Awards and these include, 54 Mom’s Choice Awards, 28 Indie Book Awards, Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice and Book of Year Awards, Eric Hoffer Award Finalist, ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Finalist, Literary Classic International Children’s Book Award, Reader’s Favorite International Book Awards, Moonbeam Award Winner and we have a Pulitzer Prize Nominee. We currently have a movie option on of one of our novels and a film company looking at a YA award winner.

Headline Books and authors travel to many events during the year including Book Expo America, NEA (National Education Association) Conference, state Library Conferences and state Book Festivals to name a few.