J. La Tulippe

Books, Non-Fiction, Metaphysical / Paranormal

Jeanette La Tulippe (The Dark Astronaut) is a UFO cryptid investigator, experiencer, researcher, and psychic photographer. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at the age of 33, with an emphasis in industrial organizational psychology. She has worked in management, administration, analysis, and machining. Her previous books are The UFOs/Bigfoot Connection, Our Past, Our Present, Our Hell, and The Spark, It’s What They Want.

La Tulippe’s father was a career military man. She attended parochial school that was associated with the military academy for the first seven years of her education. She was graduated from California State University, Fullerton. She remembers having paranormal experiences when she was about ten years of age. They became quite profound in adolescence and into her mid-adulthood. Her cryptid and interdimensional sightings spawned for twelve years on previously occupied and owned Native American land. She is still active in her UFO investigations and with her psychic photography, but has retired from the workforce.

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