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COVID-19: The Science Vs The Lockdowns - The Truth Behind The Data

Follow the science. That’s what we were told, but did we?

COVID-19 swept through the world in 2020 and triggered lockdowns and societal restrictions never seen in history. The government interventions did not follow any pandemic playbook before COVID-19, including that from the WHO and CDC. Millions of American kids experienced fractured education. Millions of adults lost their jobs, and depression, overdoses, and youth suicides soared. Lockdown tactics were not employed for the greater public health as a whole, but rather to stop COVID-19 at any cost, an impossible outcome. Inside, see the science-BC (Before COVID-19), how the lockdown and face mask measures took root, the data showing the efficacy of these approaches, and the role that the media and key policymakers and influencers had in continuing restrictions and panic in Americans.

“Michael Betrus has performed an extraordinary service to the people with his well-researched COVID 19: The Science vs. The Lockdowns, giving the truths of the data that have long gone lacking in the government’s coronavirus-related clamps on freedoms. If you suspect the health authorities and politicians have used COVID-19 as reason to overreach, you’re right. Betrus provides the factual basis that shows the abuse of power is even worse than suspected.” —Cheryl Chumley, Washington Times

“Michael Betrus’s magnificent book cites a huge amount of literature showing a lack of any correlation between lockdown policies and disease mitigation. The main merit of his treatment is that it shows that in terms of pathogens and disease, these times have not been without precedent. We’ve been here before. With the exception of a few American cities in 1918, and only then for a brief time, this country has always dealt with infectious disease as a normal event to be handled by medical professionals, not an exceptional catastrophe to be managed by politicians and bureaucrats. The burden of this book is to prove that these are in fact normal times or should have been regarded as normal times, which is to say that the mass panic was wholly unjustified. It’s a remarkable conclusion but the author justifies it all with great argument, evidence, and logic.” —Jeffrey Tucker, Founder of the Brownstone Institute

“COVID-19: The Science vs. The Lockdowns is a devastating analysis of nearly every global government’s totalitarian response to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. From meticulously laying out the science behind face mask mandates to documenting COVID-19 death counts and excess deaths potentially caused by lockdowns to the ongoing disaster that has been the closure of schools and the forced masking of children to seemingly everything in between, Betrus lays it all on the line in this excellent, well-documented 300+ page book. You’ll want a copy for yourself and one for every open-minded skeptic in your life.” —Scott Morefield, Townhall

“When the dust settles from this virus, lockdowns will go down as the most destructive global policy in world history. We are already seeing policy-makers attempt to reinvent history; Michael did a public service by painstakingly chronicling the tragic effects of lockdowns so all future generations can learn to never repeat this inhumane, immoral, and illogical mistake ever again.” —Daniel Horowitz, The Blaze

Michael Betrus has written fifteen business books and an earlier book on the pandemic, COVID-19: Lockdowns on Trial. Witnessing the economic and education ruin from the lockdowns sparked his research in this book. Michael has given hundreds of interviews on the risks of COVID-19 and the consequences of shutting down healthcare, businesses, schools, and wearing face masks. Michael is from Detroit, Michigan and resides in Dallas, Texas.

COVID-19: The Science vs. The Lockdowns by Michael G. Betrus, ISBN 9781951556709, 7 x 10, pb, 336 pgs, Retail $24.95