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Dawn of Legends New Release from Headline Books

Terra Alta WV _ Award-winning author Matt Dragovits writes new action adventure book, Dawn of Legends: A Tale for Christmas Vol 2, an exciting Christmas adventure prequel to Zach’s Quest: A Tale for Christmas!

Join young Kris Kringle, his wife Jessica, and a weary band of toymaker elves as they set out on an epic journey across the harsh arctic wilderness of the North Pole. Along the way, they will battle ancient evils, unlock new magical talents, and, with a little luck…find a new home. Amid the pages of this classic family-friendly adventure, children will get answers to age-old questions like…

How do Mr. and Mrs. Clause live so long?

Where does their workshop get its energy?

How can the elves survive in the freezing cold of the North Pole?

Matt Dragovits was a featured author at the American Library Association National Conference in Chicago IL this year and is a nationally recognized video producer and editor. He is a Mom’s Choice Award Winning author and is host of Drawn Into Books – Illustration workshops for children and adults on Zoom Into Books. He lives in the Chicagoland area with his beautiful wife and three amazing children. For more information visit

You can purchase original art from Zach’s Quest Here