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Hollywood Book Festival Announces 2022 Awards

Headline Titles Win 13 Awards!

Hollywood CA_ The Hollywood Book Festival 2022 celebrates books that deserve greater recognition from the film, television game and multimedia communities.

Our grand prize for the 2022 Hollywood Book Festival Author of the Year is a $1,500 appearance fee for our gala awards ceremony in Hollywood.

Based in the capital of show business, the Hollywood Book Festival aims to spotlight literature worthy of further consideration by the talent-hungry pipeline of the entertainment industry.

The 2022 Hollywood Book Festival considered published, independent publisher, and self-published titles — non-fiction, fiction, children’s books, young adult, how-to, spiritual, wild card (anything goes!), unpublished stories, science fiction, biography/autobiography, sequels, genre-based, business and history.

A panel of judges determined the winners based on the story-telling ability of the author and the potential of the work to be translated into other forms of media.

Headline authors win the following awards!

SCREENPLAYS — WINNER: Enough – C.D. “Tony” Hylton, III

HOW-TO — WINNER: A Fish Ate My Homework – Rick Robinson and Wade DeHate

GENRE-BASED — RUNNER-UP: Eyes of Morpheus – Kevin D. Miller

HONORABLE MENTIONS — A Whisper in the Wind – Barry Kienzle


  • A Fish Ate My Homework – Rick Robinson and Wade DeHate
  • Nate Branch: Playing My Way Through Life – Nate Branch with Barry Kienzle


  • Twins – Don Helin
  • Strange Fire – Joel Burcat
  • The Green Light – Karl Stewart


  • Zen and Now – Dreama Denver
  • Hop & Trot – Diana Pishner Walker
  • Adams Cape: The Missing Crew – Kaitlyn Dorroh
  • Corrine’s Team – Dayle Dabney

The story of a remarkably intelligent bird and his battles with the government and dangerous raptors is the grand prize winner of the 2022 Hollywood Book Festival.

Author Lawrence Lieber’s Chirps is the first unpublished novel to win top honors in the festival’s 16-year history. The book takes the reader on an amazing journey from the Australian outback to the skies of New York City, as an unusually marked budgerigar comments on the story from his perspective and provides social commentary.

Lieber’s captivating work wins him a cash prize of $1,500. He will be honored later this year at a ceremony in Hollywood.