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Los Angeles Book Festival Announces 2024 Book Awards

Headline Titles Take Awards!

LOS ANGELES_ Judging is complete for the 2024 Los Angles Book Festival Awards, which honors the best of world publishing, and Headline Books authors walk away with 6 awards.

COMPILATIONS/ANTHOLOGIES: WINNER: 1968: A Primer for Understanding Baby Boomers – Rick Robinson

SEQUELS: RUNNER-UP: Comes Around – C.D. “Tony” Hylton

MEMOIR: RUNNER-UP: Once Upon a Time on Sunday Morning – E.S. “Bud” Lamoreaux III

GENRE-BASED: RUNNER-UP: Dawn of Legends: A Tale for Christmas Vol 2 – Matt Dragovits

GENRE-BASED: HONORABLE MENTIONS: By Rook or By Crook – Nancy A. Hughes

GENERAL FICTION: HONORABLE MENTION: The Falcon and The Shaikhs – Luigi Falconi and John Dragonetti

The story of a journey down Africa’s wildest river is the top book in the 2024 Los Angeles Book Festival,

Author Steve Chapple’s Last Days on the Zambesi: A Remarkable Journey Down Africa’s Wildest River (Berkeley/Hot Globe) takes readers on a journey into the heart of the untamed jungle. Whitewater, hippos, the roar of a pride of lions are a part of the journey in a survivor’s adventure of the highest order, and at bottom it makes a compelling plea for saving one of the last watery treasures on earth.