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Made in America New Release From Headline Books

Inspirational Guide to learn, lead, and leave a legacy

Terra Alta WV _ Are You Discouraged from Pursuing Your Dreams? Are You Tired of Seeing Your Country Maligned? Multi award-winning author, Richard V. Battle’s new book, Made in America by AmeriCANS, not AmeriCANTS, answers those questions. This new release from 2020 Independent Publisher of the Year, Headline Books, hits bookstore shelves in early September 2022.

Made In America by AmeriCANS not AmeriCANTS will inspire the reader and provide the tools to learn, lead, and leave a legacy. Headline Books President, Cathy Teets, said, “Richard Battle is one of the most eloquent speakers I’ve known and we are happy to publish his new book. We all need support and inspiration and Richard packs a wealth of information into this single volume full of American principles.”

Richard V. Battle is the author of nine books and has been a public speaker on leadership, motivation, faith, sales, and volunteerism for over 30 years. He is an experienced corporate executive and non-profit leader who serves organizations in an advisory role. Battle says, “Stronger AmeriCANS make a stronger America. Stronger government makes weaker Americans.”

Dr. Robert Brescia, Author, AP Government & Politics Teacher, Ethics and Values Professor says of Battle, “Richard has distilled the essence of what being an American should be – our sense of hope in the face of adversity, individual achievement, lifelong learning, service to others, and natural humor. He reminds us, with great eloquence and solid examples, that we are still one nation – under God. If you are looking for ways to become a better American, you will find them here in this fabulous book.”

“In his book, Richard Battle delivers a powerful defense of the American way of life while providing unique insight for a path forward. He clarifies the thought that ‘comparison is the enemy of contentment’ while simultaneously encouraging everyone to take action for what extraordinary things they CAN do. Reading about Richard Battle’s America is timeless and thought-provoking,” writes Bobby Burns – President & CEO of Midland Texas Chamber of Commerce, former three-term Mayor of Midland, and Director of the Shepperd Leadership Institute.

“I have known Richard Battle for a couple of years professionally, and I have always found him well thought out in any conversation. He is a true believer in God and his country. In his new book, points out a problem and then gives us his not-so-common, common-sense solution. He is prolific at pointing out lessons from history and how to grow and learn from them. It is a straightforward book that opens your eyes to the past and the future you want to create. As his dad said, ‘What difference will it make in 100 years?’ and how Richard explains it can make a big difference, I know the first step in making things better 100 years from now is getting a copy and reading this book,” said Al Travis, Host of Al in The Afternoon radio show.

Available at your favorite local and online bookstore. ISBN 9781958914021, 6 x 9, 264 pgs, Retail $19.95

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