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Murder on Cape Cod – Tidal Kin by Lee Doty New Release

Book Launch October 21 in Chatham, Massachusetts

Terra Alta, WV— Headline Books announces its new release, Tidal Kin by Lee Doty. Book launch event set for October 21, from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Yellow Umbrella Books in Chatham, Massachusetts.
Lee Doty is a West Virginia resident and skilled writer, able to pen a page-turning murder mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Her background in law sets the stage for a Fourth of July weekend on Cape Cod that goes wrong when young Laney Sager discovers a dead man rolling in the foamy surf. Friend of the family, Norma Bergen, an irascible lawyer, keeps her distance from the ensuing murder investigation, but changes her mind when Laney goes missing. She soon learns a counsel’s invective is no match for greed, cunning, and underworld thugs who will stop at nothing. Worse still, the state trooper leading the investigation may be dirty. It’s up to Norma to overcome old wounds and self-doubts, sort out who the real bad guys are, and crush the one who set the nightmare in motion before it’s too late.
     “Tidal Kin is a deftly drawn mystery set on Cape Cod, full of rich scenic details and complex characters. The writing here is superb, and I devoured each page, eager to see what was to come next. The final chapters deliver a gratifying twist sure to satisfy mystery lovers of all kinds,” writes Carla Spataro, Director MFA in Creative Writing at Rosemont College.
     “A well-written modern mystery, Tidal Kin is convincing and keeps us interested as the story unfolds. Salt air springs from each page of this great beach-read, and a feisty lawyer adds the spice,” writes Elizabeth Moisan, author of Master of the Sweet Trade.
     Stephen Altman, Executive Editor of the Shepherdstown Good News Paper says of Tidal Kin, “A murder mystery with a lot to say not just about murder, but about blood.”
     Lee Doty, retired from the practice of law, received her MFA in Creative Writing from the Rosemont School of Graduate Studies. Ms. Doty received her undergraduate degree from Duke University and law degree from Georgetown University. She divides her time between West Dennis, MA and Kearneysville, WV. She teaches Creative Writing in the Shepherd University Lifelong Learning Program and is a staff writer for the Shepherdstown Good News Paper.
     Stop by and meet the author at Yellow Umbrella Books October 21st! Lee’s book is available at your favorite local and online book store.