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New Book Explores Classic TV Positive Influence

Features Foreword by “Waltons” Star Eric Scott

Los Angeles, Calif. – Are we more tolerant of those who happen to be different because Star Trek “makes us so?” Has your father’s television set developed into today’s hip moms and dads because of The Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family? Have some attorneys chosen their profession because of Perry Mason? Have some doctors selected the medical field due to Marcus Welby, M.D. and Doogie Houser, M.D.? Do classic TV shows, across the board, have a positive influence on society?

Those questions and more are explored in author Herbie J Pilato’s compelling new book, Retro Active Television: An In-Depth Perspective on Classic TV’s Social Security  (Headline Books/February 2023).

With a Foreword by actor Eric Scott of “The Waltons,” Retro Active Television features exclusive commentary and insight from esteemed TV actors such as, among many others, Peter Mark Richman (“The Twilight Zone,” “The Fugitive”), as well as acclaimed writer/producers like Ed Spielman (the Emmy-winning creator of the original “Kung Fu” TV series), and Larry Brody (“The Streets of San Francisco,” “Barnaby Jones”), who call Retro Active Television, “A must-read!”

According to Marc Wade of the Television Academy and, “Herbie J Pilato brings his expertise to bear with this extensive analysis of television’s effect and reflection on our culture; a book that connects the dots between the medium’s origins and milestones, between the past and the present…and how we can utilize it productively…for the future.”

Actor Wesley Eure, from TV’s “Land of the Lost” and “Days of Our Lives,” adds, “I understand the power of nostalgia. I see and hear about it every day from classic TV fans who share with me their joyful, sentimental journeys. With Retro Active Television, Herbie J Pilato so wonderfully clarifies the road to yesterday’s television as a safe, comforting, and happy path for travelers to take and embrace in today’s complicated world.”

Author/screenwriter Marc Cushman concludes, “Television and pop culture historian and author Herbie J Pilato takes readers on a provocative and entertaining look into the agenda behind classic TV shows and the resulting trends. We’ve spent years of our lives in front of the tube; isn’t it about time we found out what makes that tube tick? Retro Active Television will enlighten you.”

To interview Herbie J Pilato or Eric Scott, or to schedule a book-signing or live event, contact Cathy Teets (304-290-5702 or Herbie J Pilato (310-480-0067

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