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Once Upon a Time on Sunday Morning: When Charles Kuralt Gave Us the Real World

For Immediate Release 2-29-2024 

Terra Alta WV_ Headline Books releases new book by E. S.”Bud” Lamoreaux. Step into a heartwarming, unexpected, funny, and nostalgic walk through a world of journalism gone: the iconic “CBS News Sunday Morning with Charles Kuralt.” With behind-the-scenes takes of famous figures and “regular folks” whom Kuralt celebrated, Once Upon a Time on Sunday Morning celebrates the customs, culture, and the extraordinary people of America. Bud Lamoreaux, eyewitness to it all, takes us to a time when “flyover country” and “the Coastal Elite” still liked and respected each other as one nation, indivisible.

Once Upon A Time On Sunday Morning has a magical feel to it.  It will be a gift to millions of Sunday Morning fans and should be required reading for any student of broadcast journalism,” writes Jeff Fager, former Chairman of CBS News and Executive Producer of “60 Minutes.

 Douglas Brinkley, professor of history at Rice University, Katherine Tsanoff Brown Chair in Humanities and author of Cronkite, said, “Bud Lamoreaux was behind the scenes for every minute of Charles Kuralt’s “CBS News Sunday Morning.” Once Upon a Time on Sunday Morning captures an era of broadcast journalism in its golden era. His charming, insightful, and funny memoir brings us back to a time when television was at its best.”

 Author and producer E.S. “Bud” Lamoreaux III graduated from the University of Missouri School of Journalism in 1955. He spent 45 years at CBS, rising from the mailroom to write and produce news shows for Walter Cronkite’s “CBS Evening News to being one of the creators and Executive Producer of “Sunday Morning with Charles Kuralt.” For ten years, he traveled the heartland with the legendary writer, television commentator, and sports correspondent Heywood Hale Broun while Charles Kuralt was gaining fame with his “On the Road” series.  When Kuralt was tapped to create a new Sunday morning program, he brought Bud Lamoreaux and Woodie Broun to the studio…and back on the road. Once Upon a Time on Sunday Morning is the story of those days from their closest witness. Lamoreaux now lives on Martha’s Vineyard.

 Once Upon a Time on Sunday Morning: When Charles Kuralt Gave Us the Real World, available at your favorite local and online bookstore, ISBN 9781958914359, 7 x 10, 240 pgs, pb, Retail $24.95

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