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Don Helin

Marketing yourself through Travel Writing

      You’re following all the trends on Social Media; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, maybe even a blog, but you’re still not getting your message out.  Learn how to build your community through travel writing and have fun doing it while developing your own niche.

The Villain’s Journey:  Writing Compelling and Believable Villains.

        Villains have to be strong and unique, not just your round-of-the-mill bad guys.  And they have to be motivated to do what they do.  Learn how to make you villain catch your reader’s imagination and keep it throughout your novel. 

How Fast Can a Novel Run:  The Art of Pacing.

        Your novel should start fast and keep moving.  In this interactive workshop, you’ll find the secret of structuring a novel that will keep your readers awake at night and coming back for more. 

Show vs. Tell

        A common writing mistake is to tell the reader the events of a story.  Fiction writing, on the other hand, creates the illusion of being there in the middle of the action.  Learn the secret of helping your reader see events happen without the writer telling them. 

You’ve Landed that Publisher – Now What?

        This workshop will highlight the importance of developing a quality marketing plan six months before your book is due to come out.  Items discussed include: investing in a quality website, Internet marketing, developing press releases and using nonfiction hooks to enhance media relations, guest blogging, and many other issues. 

Developing a Series Character

        What makes us love series characters?  How to keep your series characters fresh and fit in back story?  Does your character change or stay the same?  Learn the answers to these questions and many more in this interactive workshop. 

About the Speaker

Don Helin

About the Author

During his time in the military, Don Helin served at a number of stateside posts as well as overseas in Vietnam and Germany. He is the author of six thrillers that draw from his military experience, including three tours in the Pentagon. He writes for TheBurg, a community magazine based in Harrisburg.
His novel, Secret Assault, was selected as the Best Suspense/Thriller at the 2015 Indie Book Awards. His novel, Long Walk Home, received a Five Star review at Readers Favorite Awards.  You can reach Don at:

Zoom Into Books Presentations

April 8 – 12:00 p.m ETNewspapers, Magazines or Television:  Stories ripped from the headlines. You’ve got the idea, the one that won’t let you go.  But how do you grow that kernel into a compelling story?  This class will help you find the tools to turn a good idea into a great novel. Register Here

April 15 – 12:00 p.m ET – Flawed or Too Perfect.  How to Develop Spellbinding Characters – Character is arguably the most memorable element of a great novel.  How do you create a protagonist who leaps from the page?  How about secondary characters?  This class will help you eliminate those cardboard cutouts and create something fresh and new your readers will love. Register Here

April 2212:00 pm ET – First Sentence, first page, first chapter. – Register Here

How to hook your reader? – Your novel should start fast and keep moving.  Learn to balance back story with compelling story telling.  In this interactive workshop, you’ll find the secret of structuring a novel that will keep your readers awake at night and coming back for more.

April 29 –12:00 pm ET – Point of View and Dialogue.  Who’s telling the story and what are they saying? – Register Here

Point of View is not only the camera that shows what your characters see, it also determines how close readers can get to your characters.  The distance between your characters and your readers helps determine the intimacy of the story.

During this interactive workshop, we will discuss the three POVs:  First Person, Second Person and Third Person then how each can help tell your story.

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