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Dreama Denver

Actress, writer, radio station owner and personality Dreama Denver met her husband of almost 30 years, television icon Bob Denver (Gilligan of Gilligan’s Island, Maynard G. Krebs of Dobie Gillis), when she was cast as his love interest in the Woody Allen play,

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Dreama Denver

Dreama Denver is an actress and international multi-award-winning author of Four Bears in a Box, Back to the Beach, Zen and Now, and Gilligan’s Dreams, detailing her 30-year marriage to Bob Denver, star of that iconic television series “Gilligan’s Island. The two met when they were cast opposite one another in a theater production, and toured the country for many years performing together. She is a Mom’s Choice Award Honoree and a Next Generation Indie Book Award Recipient. An author and speaker, Dreama keeps Bob’s legacy alive via her work with The Denver Foundation, supporting special needs children and U.S. veterans.  Visit to learn more.

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