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Pat DiCesare

Pat DiCesare is available to speak at your event, workshop, bookstore, library and civic/professional group meetings. He speaks on a number of topics based on personal experiences:

      • His involvement in the earliest days of the pop/rock music business
      • How he brought The Beatles to Pittsburgh for their one and only concert in Pittsburgh
      • His promotion of virtually every concert in Pittsburgh between 1964 and 2000
      • Behind the stage encounters with every major musical artist and their management
      • How to achieve success by promoting yourself through confidence, common sense, and good communication (learn more)

Here’s a clip of him talking on the subject that he’s asked about more than any other: how he brought The Beatles to Pittsburgh in 1964, at the height of Beatlemania.

Press Conference – Beatles Anniversary Concert 2014

About the Speaker

Pat DiCesare

Zoom Into Books Author

Pat DiCesare is widely considered to be one the fathers of the rock and roll concert business, not only in Pittsburgh, but nationwide. After an illustrious career spanning five decades he retired in 1999 to his home in Greensburg, Pennsylvania with his wife, Kathy, and they have three sons. Pat now makes numerous public speaking engagements and writes for various music and business publications. Hard Days Hard Nights is his first book.

Zoom Presentation

Backstage stories from Hard Days Hard Nights with guest interviewer Burke Allen from Allen Media Strategies – Coming Soon to YouTube

Booking Info

Click here to contact Pat to arrange for him to speak at your event.