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W. G. Griffiths

WGHow one author researches his novels for authenticity. W. G. Griffiths has been the subject of a television pilot for a series. Griffiths leaves no cave unexplored, no desert tribe uninvestigated. His travels are the basis for his multi award winning, page-turning thrillers.


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W. G. Griffiths

W. G. Griffiths lives on Long Island, New York, and is the multi award winning author of both fiction and non-fiction books including: Malchus, Driven, Takedown, Stingers, and Talons. Griffiths believes the reader should live the story so research from the internet alone just won’t do. First hand experience is essential for proper description. If his character has to sky dive then so does the writer. If his character has to travel through the neighborhood sewers then so does the writer. Research has brought him to the deserts of the Middle East, the bush of Africa, the tundra of the Arctic and even the U. S. military confines of germ warfare at USAMRIID in Fort Detrick. Griffiths has also appeared on television many times including The Oprah Winfrey Show and speaks on writing stories at both grade schools and universities.

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