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Millie Snyder

Need a dynamic speaker who inspires, educates and leaves you laughing? Millie Snyder is a master at captivating audiences with her knowledge and wit.

Millie will equip you and your team with practical tips and tools to live a more rewarding and healthy life. She tailors her keynote to the needs of your group. Four of her most popular topics include:

  • “Having the courage to live your dreams.”

  • “The power of self-awareness.”

  • “Overcoming obstacles: you can do it!”

  • “From obesity to living healthfully and authentically.”

Millie immediately connects with her audiences!

  • She has almost 50 years of experience as an entrepreneur.

  • Millie understands eating disorders, obesity, healthy weight loss, and the power of setting and achieving goals.

  • She personally experienced going from obesity to being the owner of a successful weight-loss franchise.

About the Speaker

Millie Snyder

Millie Snyder is an award-winning author, inspirational speaker, and entrepreneur. She has been positively impacting people’s lives for nearly fifty years with her message of healthy living. With her message, she provides the tools for living a longer, healthier life, which produces growth along the way to become the best you possible. To Millie, preparation is the key to success and celebration of life acts as the motivation to live in a health conscious manner.

From September 23, 1969 to July 15, 2013, Millie was the president and CEO of Weight Watchers in West Virginia. In addition to Weight Watchers, she also owns and operates the Shape Shop, a deli-style restaurant, serving healthy, fresh, never-processed foods and treats, catering to all those in pursuit of nutritious fare.

Millie is the mother of two grown children, Craig and Jennifer, and the proud grandmother of five grandchildren, Allison, Jack, Holden, Aubrey and Hunter.



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Millie Snyder – Lean and Luscious Mediterranean 

Lean & Luscious Meatless – cooking at home with delicious recipes that will keep you lean and luscious!

Lean & Luscious – cooking at home with delicious recipes that will keep you lean and luscious! – Watch HERE

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