An Equal Piece of Justice

Craving an emotional roller coaster of a mystery? Lee Doty’s newest novel, AN EQUAL PIECE OF JUSTICE, takes the reader on a thrilling ride with funny, smart, and deeply human Norma Bergen, a jewel of a character once again in the middle of a family muddle, steaming about her husband’s infidelity, and up to her eyes in someone else’s business. The third in Lee Doty’s series of Norma Bergen mysteries, this is the one that will keep you guessing until the very end. —Ginny Fite, award-winning author of the Sam Legard Detective series

New England Book Festival Award


Lawyer Norma Bergen is back at work solving others’ knotty legal problems while her own knotty domestic ones fester. She’s banished husband Will Coigne from home to the disgust of their teenage daughter Laney, but she still has feelings for him—feelings she fights. Her nemesis Misty Bubb pursues the newly separated Will Coigne, but may also have plans for the rich, handsome, bad boy Finn Spenser, recently returned home to start a farm. But all smoldering romantic feelings get doused, along with the smoky remnants of a rustic cottage beside Opequon Creek, as a lifeless body is pulled from the sodden debris. When Sheriff Bud Law’s murder investigation leads him to Norma’s backdoor, she must bring all her aggressive instincts and keen intelligence to bear on finding the true killer before the unthinkable happens.


Lee Doty








6 x 9

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About the Author

Lee W. Doty, retired from the practice of law, received her MFA in Creative Writing from the Rosemont
School of Graduate Studies, her law degree from Georgetown University, and her undergraduate degree
from Duke University. She spent her junior year studying at the University of Paris-Sorbonne. Lee
teaches Creative Writing and runs the semi-annual Wild Writers Retreat as part of the Shepherd
University Lifelong Learning Program. She is Co-Director of the Manuscript-to-Marketplace Writers
Conference held at Shepherd University. An Equal Piece of Justice is her third book in the Norma Bergen
mystery series, following multi-award-winning Last Casualty and Tidal Kin.

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