Azariah’s Legacy

Christian Fiction –Wonderful epic you won’t put down! From the deck of Captain Kidd’s ship to present day, this is a perfect read for the whole family.

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Azariah’s legacy is his mother’s final words to him, God will take care of you. As her heart is pierced with a marauders sword, the eight year old boy scrambles away from his burning home with her legacy to take him into manhood. From pirate adventures with Captain William Kidd, to his studies of medicine in Angola with an African doctor trained in China, Azariah is led to the American colonies where his medical practice takes him to a Philadelphia almshouse, the Virginia lowlands, and the mountains of western Virginia. Although his life is not without pain and problems, the solution to Azariah’s eighteenth century worldwide quest for a family and home can best be summed up in the twenty first century words of a kindergarten student who presented a blank page to his teacher when instructed to draw a picture of his family. When the puzzled teacher asked why he didn’t complete the simple task, the child replied, I can’t do it. I have hundreds of people in my family. This wonderful story will keep you turning the pages and give you inspiration.

What People Say

A very inspiring and exciting adventure, suitable for the whole family. Azariah’s Legacy gives joy and hope along with a wealth of information on health. This spiritual story is about Christian living and faith. —Paul Lanham, NFL football coach, coauthor, An Unfulfilled Dream

Casto has the skill of drawing the reader in from the first page as this inspirational novel about living under God’s care keeps you filled with emotion and tension. She took great care in setting the atmosphere in each chapter. . .a wonderful book you will not want to put down. —Ollie M Harvey, three term mayor of Ripley, WV, past president GFWC West Virginia Federation of Women’s Clubs, state president American Mothers, Inc. of WV, and lay speaker for Epworth United Methodist Church

A must-have book for every church library, this debut novel is beautifully written and illustrates vividly the impact and power of a Mother’s love. A book for all age groups, it takes the reader back to the biblical teachings of children by their parents. Being forced to grow-up over night, the twists and turns of Azariahs life experiences and the anticipation or the uncertainty of the unknown makes it difficult to put it down. The book is refreshing and uplifting and it will not be forgotten. A sequel must follow. —Delores Fisher Ranson, retired school administrator, Jackson County WV Schools and lifetime member of Fisher Memorial Church, Kenna, WV

About the Author
Lois Casto is a retired educator. Inspirational fiction has always been of interest to her and it is now her goal as a Christian and fiction writer to provide enjoyment and inspiration for others. She is a founding member of the Appalachian Word Smiths and a successful entrant in several West Virginia Writers competitions over the years. Lois lives in central West Virginia.

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