Chicks and the City

Gold Mom’s Choice Award
Zoom Into Books Author
From his humble beginnings on the farm, Chicken Stu is poised to become the official spokes-chicken for Urban Agriculture.

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Gold Mom’s Choice Award
Zoom Into Books Author

Chicken Stu isn’t a typical barnyard bird. From the top of the silo, he stares at the city in the distance, dreaming of lattés, museums, and penthouse suites. But the other animals warn him the city is no place for fowl. A chicken’s home, they say, is on the farm. When Stu finds himself on a truck headed toward the bright lights and tall buildings, he decides to prove just how citified farming can be!

Chicks and the City is a playful, rhyming romp through the hustle and bustle of urban life that exists alongside beautiful, thriving city gardens everywhere. Chicken Stu’s adventure from the country to the city reveals that the grass is green on both sides!– Dar Hosta-James, Author/Illustrator

I’m excited to see Chicken Stu’s story come to life on the page. From his humble beginnings on the farm, Chicken Stu is poised to become the official spokes-chicken for Urban Agriculture. – John Porter – Urban Agriculture Program Coordinator, Nebraska Extension, and former chair, West Virginia Urban Agriculture Conference


Matt Browning








8.5 x 11

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Illustrated by Ashley Teets

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    Chicks and the City by Matt Browning is a cute picture book that introduces children to the concept of urban farming. Stu is a chicken with a dream. He believes that he could live in the city and is dazzled by the lights and sounds that drift to him as he watches from the barn silo. One day Stu finds himself on the back of the farm truck heading into the city. Instead of hopping off, he goes for an adventure.

    I love how the book shows city life through Stu’s eyes. He encounters the good and the bad. When he is overwhelmed, he meets a friend in the form of a stray cat. Alley cat shows Stu around the city, and when he wants to go home, she shows him a farm within the city. I like how the author introduces urban farming to Stu, showing a garden and even chickens in the heart of the city. Little ones will delight in Stu finding a home in the city and their curiosity will be peaked to learn more about how urban farming works.

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About the Author

Zoom Into Books Author

Matt Browning is a Charleston, West Virginia, based writer and marketing professional who has led the award-winning marketing efforts for the West Virginia Urban Agriculture Conference since its inception in 2014. His first book, Bookstore Explorer: West Virginia, celebrates the Mountain State’s independent bookshops. Chicks and the City is his first children’s title.