Dr. Darcey

From the Headline Kids Educational Series, Dr. Darcey addresses the issue of miscommunication in the classroom after some strange events occur.

Mom’s Choice Award
Seal of Excellence Creative Child Magazine

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Mom’s Choice Award
Seal of Excellence Creative Child Magazine

Dr. Darcey teaches third grade at Fairview Elementary. Her students admire her beautiful room, her friendly smile, and her passion for teaching reading and writing. They have fun learning and enjoy her class but are bewildered by some of the strange happenings that seem to occur every day. Then Celia solves the mystery and figures out how to help her favorite teacher. Much love is shared in this classroom where Dr. Darcey and her students help each other learn and grow. — New edition to the Headline Kids Educational Series and perfect for the classroom, home, library, homeschool, and more!



Tammy Donahue





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illustrated by Alyssa Shea




6 x 9

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About the Author

Tammy Donahue is a schoolteacher and speaker. Her first children’s book, Dr. Darcey, is an Mom’s Choice Award Honoree. She graduated from Marshall University and received her Master’s Degree from the University of Virginia, an Education Specialist’s Degree from Virginia Tech, and her Doctorate Degree from the University of Virginia. She is the recipient of the Excellence in Education Award – West Virginia Council for Teachers of English (2020), Excellence in Writing Award – West Virginia Council for Teachers of English/National Writing Project (2019), Excellence in Education Award – Raleigh Register-Herald (2019)

Teaching brings her great joy, as she has a natural love of children and a great desire to help them become their best selves. Her passion is teaching students to be confident readers and writers and to realize the power of literacy. For more information visit www.TammyDonahue.com