Grandfather’s Garden (Paperback)

Mom’s Choice Award

Illustrated by Karen Riley

Wonderful first ‘mystery’ for preschoolers!


Mom’s Choice Awards Recipient-Silver Award for Best Children’s Picture Book

Grandfather’s Garden is the perfect first book for your young, soon to be readers! As a first mystery, the tale of Grandfather and the invading pesky rabbits will keep the giggles going. In the continuing fight against childhood obesity, author Mary Jane Romig has incorporated a kid friendly food pyramid and fun recipes. Plant your own garden with your children as a stepping stone to establish regular activity and healthy eating habits. This is a hands on book and plenty of fun for the whole family!

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Grandfather’s Garden is captivating with its illustrations and humor. It is an exciting book for young children to read and make predictions on what they think will happen next. Repetition of words makes this story easy for the beginning reader. The wonderfully descriptive phrases are reinforced by the colorful illustrations. Young readers will be delighted by the unseen rabbits. —Karen S. Miller, M. Ed. Reading, retired teacher


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Mary Jane Romig






6 x 9

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Illustrated by Karen Riley



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  1. Karen Pirnot for Readers’ Favorite

    Reviewed by Karen Pirnot for Readers’ Favorite

    Grandfather did a lot in his garden. He planted plant, weeded those plants and watered those plants. While he worked in his garden, he was always on the lookout for rabbits who might come in to feast on his plants.

    Grandpa planted sunflowers that stretched to the sun for nourishment and he planted ripe strawberries that would be oh-so-tempting to little bunnies.

    Grandpa planted watermelon which would grown into ripe, juicy treats for those who were smart enough to eat them. They would be a real meal for the bunnies.

    There was also corn and lettuce in Grandfather’s Garden, and they would be wonderful in a salad – or in the tummy of a bunny rabbit!

    Carrots and potatoes would make a wonderful meal for the family – or for a bunny rabbit! Do you think there are any bunnies in Grandfather’s Garden? You will have to read the book to find out!

    The illustrations in the book are bright and lively and they will keep the brain of the preschool child active and interested. A wonderful read for boys and girls alike.

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About the Author

Mary Jane Romig is a Glenville State College graduate with a BA in Early Childhood Education (NK-6) her degree also includes elementary ed. 1-6 with specialization 7-9. She recently retired after 35 years of teaching. For most of her career she worked at New Creek School in New Creek, WV. While teaching at New Creek she became involved in grant writing and was instrumental in helping the school obtain several large grants. One of the grant programs that she was instrumental in helping to create was an after school pre-school program called Launching Lifelong Learners. This program was used later as a model for other Mineral County Schools. She is now employed as the Christian Education Director for the Keyser Presbyterian Church in Keyser, WV. Along with her husband, Rick, they have 2 grown children.