Last Letter to Gettysburg

Gold Mom’s Choice Award
New York Book Festival Honorable Mention
Zoom Into Books Author 
Letters from a father to his family during the Civil War. An engaging story about a young boy’s discovery of how his family’s experience is woven into the fabric of American history.

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Gold Mom's Choice Award
New York Book Festival Honorable Mention - Best Young Adult Fiction
New England Book Festival Award
Zoom Into Books Author

“The Civil War has been the background of many stories over the years and the bravery shown by young Levi in Last Letter To Gettysburg ranks with the best of them. His courage will motivate readers to know they can face any tragedy and any situation, even using his courage to inspire the president of the United States of America.”—Brian Croasmun, Author of The Clemente Ball

“An engaging story about a young boy’s discovery of how his family’s experience is woven into the fabric of American history. Jan’s story is broad in scope and narrow in its focus on a family’s response to upheaval and uncertainty of a country in conflict. It explores the costs of sacrifice on individuals and the benefits of sharing hope with others. I really enjoyed the story.”—Linda and Dick Fonner, Educators and Civil War Reenactors


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  1. Reviewed By Amy Louise Hill for Readers’ Favorite

    Last Letter To Gettysburg by Jan Thornton Jones is a historical tale that follows a young boy called Levi, whose father goes off to fight in the Civil War. Despite being a teacher, Levi’s father explains how he must fight for what he believes in, that he can’t just stand back and let the country that was once united be torn apart any further. Pick up Last Letter To Gettysburg to find out what other important messages author Jan Thornton Jones has included in this brilliantly told story, as well as seeing where Levi and his family end up.

    Jan Thornton Jones’s Last Letter To Gettysburg will inspire the reader to feel that they can overcome any hardship they face and to know that they should fight for what they believe in, no matter how big or small. These messages are woven throughout the entire narrative and, by the end, I had tears in my eyes from this beautifully thought-out story. I adored the character choice and found the plot to be realistic. The writing makes it easy to imagine it all in your head. I have never been able to get into, or fully understand historical events as it isn’t my strong suit, but Jan Thornton Jones has made it easy for someone such as myself to get a better understanding of what people went through around a time of war, and that to me shows what a skilled writer looks like. This book would be good to read somewhere private where you can allow your emotions to run free, because I assure you, by the end, you will need a tissue or two! Keep up the good work, Jan!

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About the Author

Zoom Into Books Author

Award-winning author Jan Thornton Jones graduated from West Virginia University with a degree in Elementary Education, a Master’s in Communication Studies, and another Master’s in Early Intervention Special Education. Jan owned and operated a preschool for many years and then taught pre-K through first grade for Wetzel County Schools until retirement.

She is the author of Last Letter to Gettysburg, which won a Gold Mom’s Choice Award and Honorable Mentions at the New York and New England Book Festivals. Jan is also a Zoom Into Books author and visits schools. She has always been fascinated by the heroism, patriotism and bravery of the soldiers on both sides of the Civil War. These acts of valor, along with the ageless wisdom of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, served as the inspiration for Last Letter To Gettysburg.

Jan was a featured author at the 2022 American Library Association (ALA) National Conference in Washington, D.C.

Jan has been married to the love of her life, Don, for forty years. They have two adult children, one wonderful daughter-in-law, and two precious grandchildren. Jan is a frequent pianist and vocalist at her local church and enjoys quilting and reading.

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