Lily Goes to School

Illustrated by Brendan Sellaro

Mom’s Choice Award Silver
Reader’s Favorite Gold – Best Children’s Book
Runner Up–New England Book Festival

Lily has an exciting first day of school!


Mom’s Choice Award Silver–Best Children’s Picture Book: Growing Up / Personal Growth
Reader’s Favorite Gold – Best Children’s Book
Best Children’s Book–Runner Up–New England Book Festival

Lily has her first day of school! What an adventure with so many new things to learn and new friends to meet. Lily was nervous at first but finds out that school is an exciting place after all.

What People Say

Every early childhood classroom needs to have many books and pictures that promote diversity including “ages.” Lily Goes to School will win the hearts of children, parents and grandparents alike. This interaction of younger generations with older generations creates a fun story and will encourage learning and interaction with all family members. This dynamic author-duo’s first book, Lily & Nana, won national and international recognition by winning the Mom’s Choice Award Silver for Best Children’s Picture Book-Crossing Generations, an International Book Award Best Children’s Picture Book-Hardcover non-fiction, a Reader’s Favorite Silver Award for Best Children’s Preschool Book and a Paris Book Festival Honorable Mention for Best Children’s Book.

“I appreciate you sending me a copy of the first book, Lily & Nana, and for permitting me to read the manuscript for the second book, Lily Goes to School. I read to schoolchildren all the time and would love to read your books as I visit various schools around the state.”
Joanne Jaeger Tomblin, First Lady of West Virginia

“The first day of school is one of the most memorable and emotional experiences in our lives. Parents and children will enjoy reading the story of Lily’s first day and reflecting on their own experiences.”
Sandra Spina, Educational Consultant, National Head Start Monitoring Reviewer,Retired Director of Federal Programs

“This is an enjoyable and lighthearted story about a day in the life of Lily. As the story unfolds, the description of Lily’s activities allow parents, children, and teachers to engage in conversation about daily occurrences. This is a must-read by all.”—Ashley Atkins Martucci, Ed.D, West Virginia University Early Childhood Department

“Lily Goes to School is a delightfully engaging book that can be read to children prior to their entering school to help relieve a child’s anxiety about starting school. It is also a wonderful book for children to read on their own as they compare their daily school routines to that of Lily’s. This will become a ‘favorite’ book of young children.”
Carol Craig, Executive Vice President, Rowland Reading Foundation

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Barbara Myers






8.5 x 11



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Illustrated by Brendan Sellaro


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About the Author

Barbara Myers (Nana) had a 42-year career as an educator and many of those years focused on early childhood education including teaching in and administering Head Start and Early Head Start. She provided leadership in implementing Pre-K in Monongalia County and is now retired to enjoy her 13 grandchildren.

Lily Hamilton is now 7 years old and just finished her first grade year of school. She has spent a lot of time traveling and promoting her first book, Lily & Nana, and is excited to write more books about her experiences of school. Lily lives next door to Nana in Morgantown, WV.