Micah and the Magic Helmet: The Helmet and the Dragon

Headline Kids Educational Series
Imagination and games


Mom’s Choice Award Silver (Ages 5–8) Fantasy, Myths & Legends

The phrase, “put on your thinking cap” takes on a completely new meaning in this entertaining and fun adventure story. Micah’s imagination soars when she puts on her ‘magic helmet’ and takes a mythical journey to a land of dragons (they are funny so don’t be scared). Micah learns that fear can be conquered – and sometimes with just a simple gesture of friendship.

This beautifully illustrated book includes games and even a special cake recipe to make in your own ‘Magic Helmet’ so you can have fun along with Micah!

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Kat Parrish






6 x 9

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Mom's Choice Awards




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About the Author

Kat Parrish is the proud mom of Micah and Elijah. She has a Master’s Degree in Preschool Special Education and spent seven years working in the preschool setting. Her experience with young children encouraged her to share the joy of a child’s imagination with others. Micah is older now, but her imagination is still boundless. Kat’s husband, Michael, is the colorist for this book and they live in Ripley, WV.