Mira & the Magic Pond

A magical adventure!

Runner Up San Francisco Book Festival Best Children’s Book


Twelve year old Mira has to sell her mother’s homemade samosas to motorists and commuters at one of the busiest intersections of a city in India. Living in a tiny room in the slums is also getting harder, as the monsoon storms are becoming fiercer and more violent. She often wonders why the weather is becoming hotter and more unpredictable.

One eventful day, as she heads home, Mira decides to take the long way back and stroll through her favorite forest. What happens next in the forest makes Mira realize that nature had chosen her to relay an important message that could save nature itself and life in a race against time.



Zahra Omar Shansab








6 x 9

Year Published



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About the Author

Zahra Omar Shansab started writing poetry when she was in 4th grade in Kabul, Afghanistan. She continued to write poetry and short stories and was member of a young writers’ association in school.  She was forced to flee Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation, lived in India for several years and eventually immigrated to the United States.

With a degree in psychology, she was director of early childhood education for many years. She has taught and nurtured children of diverse backgrounds and ages. She believes that reading and exposure to literature are crucial to children reaching their full potential as individuals.