Excellent book for self esteem through the eyes of a sock puppet!


Nerfnerd is an insignificant, gray-mouse sock-puppet with what he believes to be a decidedly pitiful life. But, when he’s tossed into the clothes hamper to remove a rather large ketchup stain that covers his whole nose, most of one button-eye, and about half of his right ear, he finds his life is far from pitiful and is considerably richer than the other characters’ he encounters. Finding out the ‘grass is not always greener’ Nerfnerd understands his life is not so bad after all.

Nerfnerd can encourage your young readers to make sock puppets of their own and can be a great beginning script for their own Reader’s Theater.

What People Say
“Ingenious, quirky, and just so darn cute, Nerfnerd’s journey of self discovery is a tale that no child or adult will soon forget. Rich with detail, story elements paint wonderful imagery in the reader’s mind supported by the brilliant illustrations. Nerfnerd would make a wonderful addition to any classroom library for use in both independent student reading and classroom instruction”—Hayley Belardi elementaryspecial education teacher

Nerfnerd is not your typical “grass is greener” tale. These are lovely, unique characters that will stick with you and make you think twice about what goes on in your washing machine!”
Kimberly Brown, Frostburg State University Creative Writing Community Outreach Coordinator

About the Author

Melanie Michael was raised in Somerset County, South-Western Pennsylvania and graduated from Allegany College of Maryland in 1993.  She has been writing children’s books and poems since she was a child. She also enjoys singing, playing with her daughter and cottage gardening. She serves as a community advocate, volunteering many hours over the years on several not-for-profit boards and commissions in the Cumberland area. She works as a dental hygienist in Romney, West Virginia and is active in her church and the local arts community.

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Melanie Michael






7 x 10



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illustrated by John Alderton


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