Pipestem Resort State Park Activity Book

Pipestem Resort Park is called the “Year-round Crown Jewel of West Virginia State Parks.” History. games, and the animals who live in the park abound in this new activity book.


Named for a pesky weed that settlers used for stems for their pipes, Pipestem Resort Park is called the “Year-round Crown Jewel of West Virginia State Parks.” The park opened on Memorial Day, 1970 and is a destination resort with abundant amenities plus an aerial tram system. The tram takes visitors to the bottom of the gorge where they can dine, fish, camp, or stay in the lodge by the river.

Beautiful scenic overlooks of the Bluestone Gorge to the two lodges, vacation rental cottages, campgrounds, golf courses, restaurants, modern conference facilities, and much more, Pipestem Resort State Park has something for everyone.

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T. R. Sullivan




8.5 x 11




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About the Author

Tim Sullivan is a native West Virginian and worked around the coal fields of southern WV for years before becoming disabled in 2004. In 2014, he and his wife bought an old farmhouse in Pulaski, Virginia so they could be closer to their son, daughter in law and two grandchildren. An avid reader and author, he teaches Sunday School and is a member of the church choir and soloist. Tim is an award winning author-contributor to Mountain Mysts: Myths and Fantasies of the Appalachians. He is an artist and enjoys working with his hands, being outdoors and spending time with his family.