Return to Arteo

Mom’s Choice Award 
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Great middle grade unicorn fantasy! 


Mom’s Choice Award Recipient–Silver
Award Winning Finalist International Book Awards Best Children’s Fiction

Return to Arteo is a wonderful story of friendship. Katie and Mike are missing their new friends on far away Arteo. Solomon, the unicorn, makes a surprise visit to Katie and Mike and they take their little sister, Sara, back to Arteo to help rescue some of their friends from the evil wizard, Ramus. When they arrive, they see Arteo is now a dark and depressing place because Ramus is trying to take over the world and has enslaved the grownups in his castle. A riveting sequel to Arteo, new readers and fans alike will enjoy this fast paced chapter book for the younger set.

What People Say

“Arteo is a fine choice that young readers will enjoy reading with their parents. 5 out of 5 stars. —Midwest Book Review

Arteo is a charming tale that needs to be on classroom shelves around the country. It can be used to enhance the teaching of figurative / descriptive language, prediction-making, and creativity. Children will delight in reading Arteo and will find themselves wishing they too might be magically transported to Arteo along with Katie and Mike for more adventures in that wondrous land. —Leska Foster, 4th grade teacher, Holtz Elementary School

So often when encouraging young writers to express their thoughts on paper, teachers hear moans, groans and proclamations of “I don’t know what to write.” One suggestion I use in the classroom is for them to write the way they speak because many of them love to tell stories–very imaginative stories. Kaitlyn and her mother, Sandy, did just that when creating Arteo. What started as a special bedtime ritual between a child and her mother evolved into a wonderfully creative book. Kaitlyn’s success as an author inspires other young authors to put their words on paper, also. —Jean Crumb, 3rd grade teacher, Holz Elementary, Charleston, WV

About the Author
Kaitlyn Brannin, nine-years-old, and her mother, Sandy, pen their second book about the world of Arteo. Kaitlyn is in the fourth grade and loves to read, play sports, and enjoys being creative. Sandy Brannin is a full time physician and enjoys helping the children in her community by coaching and being active in her family’s extracurricular activities. Kaitlyn and Sandy have visited many classrooms since their first book, Arteo, was released in 2009. They speak at conferences and also conduct workshops. They were featured at Book Expo America in New York City, May 2010. They live in Charleston, WV. with Rich, husband and father, Kaitlyn’s brother, Michael, and sister, Sarah.

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