Surviving Cancer After Surviving Cancer

Foreword by Bernie S. Siegel, M.D.

Winner International Book Awards
Mom’s Choice Award Gold
Indie Book Awards Finalist
New York Book Festival Honorable Mention
USA News Best Book Award Finalist



Winner International Book Awards–Health-Cancer
Mom’s Choice Award Gold Honoree Adult Books-Life’s Transitions
Indie Book Awards Finalist Best Health/Wellness
Indie Book Awards Finalist Best Self Help
New York Book Festival Honorable Mention
USA News Best Book Award Finalist-Best in Health-Cancer

Foreword by Bernie S. Siegel, M.D.

“You have cancer.” Every day, over three thousand people hear these words, and their lives and relationships change forever. With each passing year, we learn more about prevention and treatment of cancer. A cancer diagnosis is no longer tantamount to a death sentence. With treatment, people are living longer, and better, even after the cruel hand of cancer clamps their shoulders.

But what about after treatment? For many couples and families, even after successful treatment of cancer, the end of one battle signals the beginning of another, when a clean bill of physical health comes with a hefty price tag, and ends up costing the end of a marriage or relationship.

Kevin Murphy’s searing and devastatingly honest story, Surviving Cancer after Surviving Cancer, offers a unique perspective on this all too common phenomenon, when cancer (or any life-threatening illness) erodes the foundation of a once happy, thriving relationship. It offers the hard won wisdom of a husband who stood by his cancer stricken wife as she endured immense physical and emotional suffering, and beat the cancer that threatened her life and their unborn child, only to succumb to a painful divorce less than a decade later. Part memoir, part self-help primer, Surviving Cancer after Surviving Cancer is a wakeup call to couples and families whose lives have been decimated by disease. It seeks to bridge the emotional gap that too often isolates citizens of sickness from their spouses, families, and friends.

What People Say

“A must read for individuals and family members who are touched by cancer. It will be an eye opener for healthcare providers, such as nurses, doctors and allied professionals.” – Jame Abraham, M.D. FACP Bonnie Wells Wilson Distinguished Professor and Eminent Scholar Chief, Section of Hematology-Oncology Medical Director, Mary Babb Randolph Cancer Center West Virginia University

“Kevin wrote this book to help couples cope with the emotional side of this dreaded disease called cancer. But men-take heed. Read this book and learn that when cancer comes to you, your wife, or a family member, it is okay to pray, weep, and most important of all, seek help from others. This book will make a difference in your life.” – Dick Vitale, College Basketball Announcer

“Kevin Murphy turns his own painful experience into deeply faith-based, inspirational lessons learned, in hopes that others are spared the suffering this hateful disease leaves in its wake.” – Judith G. Clabes, Editor and Publisher, President and CEO, Scripps Howard Foundation


Kevin L. Murphy






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About the Author

Kevin L. Murphy, a former union truck driver and teacher, is an accomplished courtroom lawyer and speaker. Kevin received his law degree in 1981, and was a former columnist before writing this book. His story has helped countless people cope with cancer and their relationships.

Kevin is the founder of The Phyllis Foundation, a non-profit whose primary charitable focus is to get this book and its message to cancer patients everywhere. Kevin is the proud father of two wonderful daughters, Elizabeth and Kathleen Murphy.