Why Do My Feet Say Yes When My Head Says No?

Illustrated by Jill Dubin

Mom’s Choice Award Winner-Gold
Winner International Book Award
Award Winning Finalist USA Best Book Awards

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Mom’s Choice Award Winner-Gold–Children’s Picture Book–Growing Up / Personal Growth
Winner International Book Awards-Best Children’s Picture Book-Hardcover Non-Fiction
Award Winning Finalist USA Best Book Awards

From fears of riding a bike to problems with friends, My Feet Say Yes But My Head Says NO! will help your child find the right solution to his or her everyday dilemmas. Author Eileen Cooley has written the book you have been looking for to improve behavior and social skills. The beautiful illustrations by Jill Dubin make this a favorite of children, parents, and teachers.

One of the most important skills we have is the ability to choose wisely and this book will spark conversations that will empower your children to do just that.

What People Say

As children grow and develop, one of their most difficult tasks is making good choices. Learning how to do this is one of the most important lessons a child will learn. Beautifully written and illustrated, this book gives children the opportunity to see how good choices are made. While enjoying the entertaining pages, children can relate their own decision making to those of the children in the book. What a fun and developmentally appropriate way to learn this important lesson.
Marcia Prewitt Spiller, Head of School, The Children’s School

Why Do My Feet say Yes, is a delightful and engaging book! It is a lovely way to introduce self-awareness and decision making to young children in a manner that encourages family discussion. Thoughtful, positive, and fun!
David Triemer, School Psychologist, Atlanta, GA

These problem solving strategies; build a step, wait until later, find an alternative, and see the positive really work!
Annie Robertson, MA Pediatric Psychology, Early Head Start, Mental Health and Disabilities Coordinator, Boise, Idaho


Eileen Cooley






8.5 x 8.5




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About the Author

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Eileen L. Cooley Ph.D. earned her degree in Clinical Psychology from Emory University. She has been a Professor of Psychology at Agnes Scott College and a licensed psychologist in Georgia for over 20 years. Based on her clinical and parenting experiences, she developed these scenarios to help children understand and solve their dilemmas of everyday life.

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