Africa Risk Dashboard:

Mitigation Architecture for Investors From Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Forewords by H.H. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Former US Congressman J.C. Watts Jr. and Professor Wesley Harris, MIT

London Book Festival Runner Up
Paris Book Festival Runner Up

International Book Awards Honorable Mention
New York Book Festival Honorable Mention

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London Book Festival Runner Up
Paris Book Festival Runner Up
International Book Awards Honorable Mention
New York Book Festival Honorable Mention

In the Africa Risk Dashboard, Jon and his colleague, Issa Baluch, have conducted a deep dive into the complexity of investing in Africa. Issa has been investing in Africa for more than forty years and has navigated some of the most difficult economies in Africa in the field of transport and logistics. As a team, Jon and Issa are tackling issues related to investments in agribusiness, infrastructure, and finance, and the role of public policy to advance private sector development and entrepreneurship in Africa.– Foreword excerpt by J.C. Watts. Jr., Norman, Oklahoma

Praise for Africa Risk Dashboard

“I have known Professor Issa Baluch since 1992. I commend this primer for investors, students, and other decision-makers.” —HH Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman & CEO, Emirates Airlines & Group; Chairman Dubai Airports

“This field report offers investors and other decision-makers a useful framework to plan their engagement in Africa.” —Former U.S. Congressman J. C. Watts, Jr.

“The book is a valuable guide for investors in Africa wishing to create an environment for exponential growth.” —Elizabeth Uwaifo, Attorney, London, United Kingdom

“I must commend this book to all academic colleagues researching, teaching, and studying African development, along with institutional investors and policymakers.” —Dr. Wesley Harris, Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“In this book, Issa Baluch, and my former chief of staff, Jon Vandenheuvel, offer a smart framework to evaluate and mitigate risks, a useful tool for decision-makers.” —Former U.S. Congressman and House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Pete Hoekstra

“Africa Risk Dashboard outlines how to de-risk investments to help African entrepreneurs, including women, compete in a global market.” —Katrin Kuhlmann, Founder and CEO, New Markets Lab; Lecturer, Harvard Law School

“No one has so thoroughly understood what it takes to invest in Africa than the authors. Their report is based in reality and not in theory. It is a must read.” —Stephen Hayes, President Emeritus, Corporate Council on Africa

“Issa Baluch has been my mentor. What they teach us is how to provide peace-of-mind to business entrepreneurs on the African continent.” —Anil Wats, Group Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President, Dubai Ports World



Issa S. Baluch, Jon Vandenheuvel






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2 reviews for Africa Risk Dashboard:

  1. DenCh

    Despite the risks of rising tensions at the UN in 2018, however, it is worth noting that the organization continues to play a significant role in managing and containing major potential crises such as that over Korea.  The UN may be an imperfect and fragile institution, but it will be at the center of high stakes diplomacy through 2018.

  2. Reviewed by Edith Wairimu for Readers’ Favorite

    Told from first-hand experience and being the first of its kind, Africa Risk Dashboard by Issa Baluch and Jon Vandenheuvel will prove critical in understanding business the African way for potential investors, especially in the Agribusiness sector. Investing in African countries presents numerous unique challenges to which investors are not privy. This book presents an in-depth look into financial, operational, legal, social, environmental and security risks that direct investors could face. Once a congressional staffer and now the co-founder of Africa Atlantic Franchise Farms based in Ghana, Jon Vandenheuvel and Issa Baluch, the founder of Swift Freight who at one time was a refugee, share first-hand accounts of their experiences establishing businesses in Africa. Ultimately, Africa Risk Dashboard seeks to equip investors interested in the African market through information to help them mitigate risks and identify opportunities.

    Realism and the need to empower are partnered in Africa Risk Dashboard to present a thought-provoking treatise. The arguments in the book are in many ways distinctive. Their perspective is unique. Possibly some of the most uncommon examples include their take on the donor culture in Africa perpetuated by the US and many European countries, as well as their opinion of focusing on particular issues instead of dealing with the problems as a whole while keeping in mind their interconnectedness. The writing style is powerful which makes the messages contained sink in. At one point, the authors pose the questions: “But have we become satisfied with merely tinkering around the edges of these situations? Have Africans themselves given up on their own countries?” As demonstrated in Africa Risk Dashboard, there is no simple answer. Strategic and dedicated efforts along with goodwill by African governments are required to turn around Africa’s future.

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About the Authors

In 1989, Issa S. Baluch founded Swift Freight International, one of the top freight and logistics providers in the Middle East & Africa. He was president of the National Association of Freight Logistics of the UAE; and president of the Zurich-based International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA). Mr. Baluch has authored two previous books, Transport Logistics: Past, Present and Predictions, and Transport Logistics, the Wheel of Commerce. He has been a Senior Fellow of the Advanced Leadership Initiative of Harvard University and currently serves on the Dean’s Council at Harvard Kennedy School. He is Chairman of First Hectares Capital, AKILI, and the FIATA Logistics Academy.

Jon Vandenheuvel is CEO of First Hectares Capital. He is the founding Director of the Free Zone Investment Authority of the South West State of Somalia, developing infrastructure for post-conflict Somalia. He is co-founder of AKILI, served as Visiting Scholar for African Urbanism at MIT, and is also co-founder of Africa Atlantic Farms in Ghana. Mr. Vandenheuvel started his career on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C