And We Helped!

Making memories in the kitchen with your children is a special way to connect generations.

Mom’s Choice Award


Mom’s Choice Award

Remember those wonderful smells wafting from Grandmother’s kitchen? Remember getting your hands all gooey with pie crust and biscuit dough and those special treats from the oven that you helped bake? That’s aroma therapy to the max and we all have memories triggered by the wonderful smell of bread and cookies baking.

Melinda Chambers has captured those memories with her grandchildren in this new book, And We Helped! and you can, too. Children love to cook and help in the kitchen and what better way to not only build memories but to incorporate math, science, and social studies in such a friendly setting that everyone has a good time and has fun learning.

Bring the classroom to the kitchen and unforgettable photos to your memory album with award winning author Melinda Chambers and Grant, Christopher, John, Amelia, Ella, and Vanessa.


Melinda Chambers




8.5 x 8.5




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About the Author

Award-winning author Melinda Spiker Chambers grew up with a flock of sheep behind her house. She fondly remembers waking up in the middle of the night from the “baas” of lambs her father had put in a box next to the heater to warm up because lambs had been near death from the cold.

Several of her previous... Read More