Bara Seal & Emily too

Mom’s Choice Award
Hollywood Book Festival Honorable Mention
New York Book Festival Honorable Mention

A young girl’s family situation sends her on a fanciful tale. With help from her friends, she is reunited with her parents and the healing begins. Beautifully illustrated children’s tale of survival, love and support.

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Mom’s Choice Award
Hollywood Book Festival Honorable Mention
New York Book Festival Honorable Mention

“Reading this book takes me back to the time when my children were very young, and you never knew what magic would come with the turn of a page.  I knew that Tom was a man of many interests– a rock climber, a first-class horn player and a driving force behind the West Virginia Youth Symphony. Now I’m delighted to find that he’s the author of this new book.—Larry Groce, host of Mountain Stage and Disney song writer


When Emily and her friend Bara Seal sneak away from home on a rainy day, searching for fish, they have no idea that they’re about to embark on a whirlwind, worldwide tour. Thanks to a dancing cat, kind strangers, and the magic of poetry, they return safely home. Along the way, author Thomas Beal treats his readers to a wealth of delicious imagery—sounds, smells, textures, and tastes that invite us to linger and savor the words that carry us from one place to another. This a book to read, reread, and read aloud. —Colleen Anderson, author of Missing: Mrs. Cornblossom, a Moonbeam Children’s Book Award winner

Tom Beal’s concept of a brave, caring girl and her trusted seal friend began 10 years ago, evolving into an odyssey of beautiful sounds, color and light.  Bara Seal and Emily seem an unlikely pair to leave the comfort of home for far-flung travels, but we will see that their hidden talents, compassion and resilience emerge as they help newly discovered friends find sustenance and solace. Along the way they encounter worlds of hidden beauty and song. We can only surmise that some events are imaginary, but the themes of friendship, family strife and resolution, are real enough, and will relate to parents and children alike.—Jim McJunkin, MD, Pediatrician

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11 x 8.5

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Illustrated by Eleanor Paybins




Tom Beal




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About the Author

Tom Beal is an individual with diverse interests, ranging from classical music to chemistry. Tom studied music at Southern Methodist University earning a degree in French Horn performance and is currently a member of the West Virginia Symphony Orchestra. He is very active in support of the West Virginia Youth Symphony as well as music outreach in the surrounding communities. Additionally, he is the Senior Vice President of the chemical manufacturing company AC&S, Inc. Tom resides in Charleston, WV, where he enjoys hiking and rock climbing with his family.