Corinne’s Team

Corinne’s Team is a sequel to the multi-award winning Corinne’s Fin by Dayle Dabney. Corinne starts a swim team and teaches good sportsmanship to her swimmers!

Gold Mom’s Choice Award
Preferred Choice Creative Child Magazine

Hollywood Book Festival Award
New York Book Festival Award
Paris Book Festival Award

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Gold Mom’s Choice Award
Preferred Choice Creative Child Magazine

Hollywood Book Festival Award
New York Book Festival Award
Paris Book Festival Award

Corinne’s Team connects Coach Corinne with her swim team, the Lavender Lappers, as they all learn the secrets of becoming a winning team. This sequel to multi-award winning Corinne’s Fin, shows her story of growth and change and how she encourages others to become the BEST they can be.

What People Say

Once again, Dayle Dabney has provided a moving story with a lesson all of us can learn. The beautiful illustrations bring Lavender Lake and its colorful fish to life.– Stephanie Leddy, teacher, grandmother, and writer

Dayle Dabney captures the essence of teamwork and what it means to be the best they can be.                    –Joanne Graybill, former head coach of the Manta Ray Swim Team

Dayle’s many years of teaching and knowing young children have allowed her to focus on the questions children have about friendship and working together. In Corinne’s Team, she gently leads the children to understand the value of friendship and teamwork and beautifully conveys the importance of these values. –Pat Wells Sheridan. former Director of Bryn Mawr Little School


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  1. Rachel Inbar for Readers’ Favorite

    Corrine’s Team by Dayle Dabney tells the story of a fish named Corinne, who is the best swimmer in Lavender Lake. She decides to put together a team, as she enjoys both swimming and teaching. Several fish come to try out: Yellow Flipper, whose front fins never grew properly; Pink Dots, who has poor vision; Silver Stripe, who has a scar. Corrine encourages each fish to try out, stressing that their best is all they need to do. By the end of the day, she has put together the “Lavender Lappers” who spend their days practicing for the big championship swim meet. When the big day arrives, each fish that competes fails to surpass the fish on the other team, concerned that they have disappointed both themselves and the others. Corrine is encouraging and reminds them that what was expected was for them to do their best – which they had done.

    Dayle Dabney’s book Corrine’s Team, illustrated by the Headline Kids Group, is a delightful book that teaches children important values, particularly to do your best and be a good sport. The brightly colored illustrations make each page fun to look at. The book doesn’t hesitate to show characters with physical flaws or ones who don’t excel. Instead, it puts the spotlight on what’s important. Trying, persevering, working together, and being proud of one’s efforts – regardless of the result. I believe that children reading or listening to this book will easily identify with the characters’ imperfections and will remember the lesson that trying is more important than succeeding.

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Dayle Dabney has spent her entire life with young children from babysitting, to teaching in various states, to owning her own pre-school for 18 years, and lastly to teaching in the Baltimore County school system. She enjoys playing with her three grandchildren, London, Lane, and Margot, tennis, golf, bridge, poker, gardening, book clubs, writing group, gospel choir, and many nature and spiritual activities. Each day brings new learning and gratitude. Dayle has three wonderful daughters, Erin, Shannon, and Meghan. For more information visit

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