Funny Dan the Race Car Man

Mom’s Choice Award Silver Winner
London Book Festival Honorable Mention
Honorable Mention DIY Book Festival
Hollywood Book Festival Honorable Mention

Illustrated by Brendan Sellaro


Mom’s Choice Award Silver Winner–Best General Fiction Ages 9-12
London Book Festival Honorable Mention Best Children’s Book
Honorable Mention DIY Book Festival Best Children’s Book
Hollywood Book Festival Honorable Best Children’s Book

Funny Dan the Race Car Man is a fun-loving NASCAR driver who is motivated by the desire to enjoy what he does. He enjoys working with his crew and just having fun in the sport he loves so much. He may not be first on race day, but he’s a winner to those around him every day.
Author Tim Packman spins an engaging story about teamwork and competition which is brought to life through the eye catching illustrations by Brendan Sellars. Included is a glossary of racing terms, so get ready to ‘start your engines’ and join Funny Dan in this exciting race car adventure!

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What Other People Say…

“This is a great book and we enjoyed the story so much we couldn’t help but laugh at Funny Dan and his crew. There’s a good message in here about doing things you love in life. We’re definitely going to make sure all of our grandchildren – and great-grandchildren – get a copy to read.”
Bobby Allison, NASCAR Hall of Fame and championship driver, and wife, Judy

“We read through this and kept laughing at Funny Dan and his crew. What a great story for children to read and for them to see how just being part of something they love makes them a winner in life. We couldn’t wait to get to the end to see if Funny Dan finally wins! Our grandchildren are gonna love this book.”
Ron Hornaday, four-time NASCAR champion, and wife, Lindy

The lessons in Tim Packman’s colorful and action packed novella are limitless. Whether you are a coach or teacher, “Funny Dan the Race Car Man” is an extremely useful and versatile tool for instruction. Colorful language is easily identifiable, as are the key lessons of positive sportsmanship and teamwork.
Mrs. Cheryl L. Cullinan, Kadimah Middle School E.L.A Teacher, Buffalo, N.Y. Nationally Certified Licensed Coach

Tim Packman has created an interesting story about captivating racing personalities who chase victory but get lost in having too much fun along the way. It’s a story about drivers doing things a kid can understand and which comes with a lesson for all of us. The book’s artwork is every bit as good as the story itself. I liked it even though I’m only a kid at heart.
Dick Berggren, Pit Reporter-NASCAR on FOX, Executive Editor-Speedway Illustrated magazine

Book Review
Reviewed by Rhonda F for Readers Favorite

“Funny Dan The Race Car Man” is a very enjoyable book. I was not a race car man, woman or fan, but now this fun book has turned me into a believer. I loved the names of the drivers like Gentle Jim, Cheap Pete, Evil Eddie, Speedy Scott, and Funny Dan. That drew me in like a magnet and I found myself laughing out loud. I love how a professional can describe his topic using a language modified for a child’s understanding. Learning the racing terms at the end of the book is also a wonderful idea for the child to ponder.

Raising three boys myself, and knowing that boys love to go FAST, and that love of cars is always on their minds, I say I loved the book. This book would make the perfect gift for the young reader, as it teaches that hard work, love, and determination will pay off whether you come in first place or not. You just finish the race and you will be a winner. Learning the antics of this book will keep your child safe if he chooses to become a daredevil race car lover. The book also explains how a child can get into racing. “The one thing you have to do-to be the best at anything in life is to read, read and read some more to learn all you can. You will be well-educated on what you want to do and smarter when you start to work in racing. To be a better person always remember the three phrases that will always make you a better person: Please, Thank You, and I’m Sorry,” as stated in the book.

The comic like colorful illustrations complemented the story very nicely. All in all this book is a two thumbs up!

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Illustrated by Brendan Sellaro


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About the Author

Tim Packman began his love of racing and reading growing up around the short tracks of Buffalo, N.Y. where his family has been active in all forms of motorsports for decades. He’s been part of the NASCAR scene as a publicist, writer, announcer and author for the past 15 years winning several media awards along the way. He has been a part of two Daytona 500 championships and two NASCAR Nationwide Series championships. He’s worked with NASCAR Hall of Fame driver Bobby Allison and champions such as Ron Hornaday, Kevin Harvick, Martin Truex, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Johnny Benson, to name a few.

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