I’m Listening

Relationship Building/Conflict Resolution Seminar, the Teacher Down the Hall

Award Winning Finalist National Best Book Awards 2008, USA Book News


Award Winning Finalist National Best Book Awards 2008, USA Book News

I’m LISTENING! is Tod Faller’s third book in his nationally popular Teacher Down the Hall Seminar Series. Each book, as each seminar in the series, is written to be another step in the process of helping teachers and teens…and their parents, families, classmates, teachers, coworkers and employers, to UNDERSTAND, ACCEPT and RESOLVE their Interpersonal Conflicts. The first book in the series is What did you do THAT for? The second is So THAT’S why you’re like that! You are about to enter the third book in the series, I’m LISTENING! A fourth book, a companion reader full of inspiration drawn from the entire series, is aptly named LESSONS for LEADERS. Tod Faller has given hundreds of presentations and addresses to thousands of participants in schools, school systems and organizations across the country. The objectives are toward diminishing Intrapersonal confusion; resolving Interpersonal conflicts; building strong, sustained relationships; and assisting school teams in forming the Cultures FOR Learning on which to build 21st Century School Communities OF Learning.

What People Say

Building good relationship with others is the foundation for my personal success. Participation in a full-day weekend leadership development training was a life changing experience. Mr. Faller did a phenomenal job. As a result of his Leadership-Relationship training, our entire board was able to experience a productive and profitable Leadership Development Retreat. It was one of the best as far as participants’ attitude, cooperation, and productivity. The principles and concepts learned are invaluable. Mr. Faller’s seminars should be made available to all leaders! —Monica Jackson, President of the Virginia Alliance, Richmond VA

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About the Author

Faller has over 35 years in service to public and private education, as a teacher, counselor and administrator. He also provided university graduate instruction in areas such as Adult Development and Training, Conflict Resolution, Motivation Theory and Work Behavior. He is a sought after speaker and has been sharing this important work since 1985 through national seminars and workshops