So THAT’s Why You’re Like That!

Excellent book on conflict resolution.


Second in a series, “So THAT’s why you’re like that!” includes true stories of interpersonal conflict and the resolution of conflict, offering incites into Understanding, Accepting, and Resolving Conflict.

You want a better life. You want the conflict(s) to stop. You want better relationships with those around you. You want people to like you, to respect you, and to include you in their lives. You want a life full of fun, family, and friends. You want to stop hoping for it… and begin realizing it. Then it is—as it has always been—all about YOU to make that happen. Begin now. Life is not a dress rehearsal.

What People Say

“I’ve never been so completely enthralled. What a message!” — AT&T Keynote Address

“Tod offers the reader and workshop participants practical and effective approaches to understanding human behavior.” — Jim Riedl, Education Consultant, Learning Focused Solutions, Inc., Scottsdale, AZ

“… You’ve taken concepts so many people struggle with everyday and have broken them down in very understandable ways. ” — Janet Drey, National Executive Director, TEC, Des Moines, Iowa

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About the Author

Faller has over 35 years in service to public and private education, as a teacher, counselor and administrator. He also provided university graduate instruction in areas such as Adult Development and Training, Conflict Resolution, Motivation Theory and Work Behavior. He is a sought after speaker and has been sharing this important work since 1985 through national seminars and workshops