I’m the One the Other Isn’t

Humorous collection of short stories for the whole family! 


Drs. Stanley and Stephen Toompas bring together a short story collection of twin adventures from the 1950s to present that will make you laugh and will make you remember childhood stories you may have forgotten! From living in a metal house in Clarksburg, WV to an unforgettable list of favorite toys [and I guarantee your favorite is included] the adventures of Stevie and Stanley Toompas are stories to share with your family.
Toompas has a great sense of humor and these stories flow easily from one to another. You many not have a twin but you will enjoy these stories about growing up and coming of age!


Stanley and Stephen Toompas






6 x 9




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About the Author

Stanley E. Toompas, optometrist, lives in Philippi, West Virginia, with his wife Kim. They have two children, Chris and Kelsey.

Stephen E. Toompas, a pharmacist, lives in Bridgeport, West Virginia, with his wife Kim. They have two children, Amanda and Shelby.