Klaus Revelation (eBook)

London Book Festival Honorable Mention

Genealogy on steroids…after the reading of his grandfather’s will, Liam Alexander embarks on a journey into his family history unlike no other.

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London Book Festival Honorable Mention

Liam Alexander returned home one late December evening dejected. The reading of his grandfather’s will was frustrating and even worse, fruitless. The lawyers took everything. His only consolation was a bundled pack of old, yellowing papers in a cracked, manila folder. Little did he and his wife, Rachel, know of the odyssey for which they were about to embark. Hidden within those brittle pages was a haunting revelation of massive historical significance about a reclusive shopkeeper with questionable sanity whose great love for children would change the world forever.

All legend has its basis in truth. The story of Santa Claus is no different. For centuries, speculation and folklore have kindled the imaginations of both young and old – all around the world – about a Saint; a Saint for the children. Was he a humble Greek bishop? Or was he something more mystical, possessing characteristics of a God? The truth is actually quite simple…or is it? For a heart this pure can only be wrought by the flames of hell.

There is a beauty in the darkness.

What People Say

“It was like unwrapping a present—excitement building as you imagine what’s inside—and NOT being disappointed! Epic, haunting and unpredictable. Everything you’d want in a great book!” —Lisa VanderSchaaf, Adjunct Professor, Rockford University

“A stunning insight into the man who started it all. I felt as if I was holding the heart of Santa Claus in my hands. I believe!” —Gina Stull, Principal, St. Mary’s School


Alan St. Jean

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About the Author

Alan St. Jean was born in Pittsburgh, PA on Christmas Day, 1962. He grew up in central Ohio, receiving his BSBA from The Ohio State University in 1985. However, in 2002 he made a life changing decision to leave the business world and pursue his true passion, which is a love for writing and teaching. A talented speaker, Mr. St. Jean spends much of his time visiting schools and teaching children about the writing process. In his spare time, he can be found at his piano or in the studio, where he is also an accomplished musician and songwriter. For more information, visit www.alanstjean.com.