Next In Line (eBook)

London Book Festival Runner Up Best Genre Fiction

Taking Up The Sword Book 1 – Teen descendants of the Knights Templar band together in a fight their lives and the fate of the world.

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London Book Festival Runner Up Best Genre Fiction

Taking Up The Sword Book 1

First in a series-Next In Line will captivate all ages!

From several locations around the world, seven recently orphaned teenagers cling to hope for a normal life. Even this dream is soon destroyed as mysterious circumstances bring them together.  

The teenagers, Noah Logan, his sister Anna along with Carlos De La Heyna, Suri Moshita, Harry Pfister, George “Smooth” Washington and Lana Peregoyovich are surprised to learn they are direct descendants of a dedicated, fiercely faithful band of Knights Templar. Their lineage traces back over 800 years. Now they learn they are being hunted; wanted dead-or-alive. 

Not only is their fate in their own hands but so is the fate of the world. These teenagers must quickly learn important new skills, master unique powers and be mentored and assisted by the world’s oldest dragon, Gaerlin the Great. Let the story be told, let the adventure begin!


Richard L. Hatin






6 x 9



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About the Author

Award-winning author, Richard Hatin, gets inspiration from his environment and his faith. His previous thrillers, Evil Agreement and Deadly Whispers are horror tales that keep you at night but always make you think about the righteous and the damned. Deadly Whispers was named Runner Up for Best Fiction at the Halloween Book Festival—also garnering Honorable Mentions for Best Fiction at the Los Angeles, Great Southeast and San Francisco Book Festivals.

He is a member of the International Thriller Writers, Mystery Writers of America, and the New Hampshire Writer’s Project. He lives with his wife, Anne Marie, in Hooksett, New Hampshire and together they have three sons, and three granddaughters.

Deadly Whispers


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Next In Line