Life’s Choices

WINNER Florida Book Festival – Best Spiritual Fiction
RUNNER UP Paris Book Festival-Best Spiritual Fiction
Hollywood Book Festival Honorable Mention
San Francisco Book Festival Honorable Mention
Readers’ Favorite International Book Award

Mom’s Choice Award


WINNER Florida Book Festival - Best Spiritual Fiction
RUNNER UP Paris Book Festival-Best Spiritual Fiction
Hollywood Book Festival Honorable Mention
San Francisco Book Festival Honorable Mention
Readers' Favorite International Book Award-Honorable Mention-Best Christian Fiction

Mom's Choice Award

Life's Choices is a spin-off from Paul Turk's trilogy known as "The Taylor Series." In Life's Choices, Carlos Delgado, an ex-inmate from a state prison, is charged with a serious crime. If convicted, Delgado faces a lengthy return to the prison environment he detests. While Delgado battles in the courtroom for his freedom, eighteen-year-old Lourdes Castillo faces her own crisis. When Lourdes finds out she is pregnant, she is confronted with a monumental life-and-death decision regarding the unborn child's fate.

What People Say

"The culture of death is conquered each time that a woman says "yes" to the life of her unborn baby! In the novel Life's Choices, the protagonist is an eighteen year old woman who boldly and emphatically chooses to defy death by choosing life! I encourage everyone to read Life's Choices and rejoice each time a choice is made to conquer the culture of death!"

—Father Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests For Life, Staten Island, New York

"Prison ministry and pro-life intervention share a core value for those whose lives have brought them to desperation or hopelessness. Both inmates in prison and pregnant women who have already chosen abortion or are considering it need the compassionate arms of Christianity to come alongside and love them. How shall they choose? Carlos made mistakes that threatened his freedom on the outside and the fresh start he had begun. Friends gathered round him and prayed for his well being. Lourdes responded to volunteers on the sidewalk and trained staff in the pregnancy help center. Testimonies inspired her to choose adoption rather than abortion. In both, the answer is relationships forged by caring, hands-on Christians. In Life's Choices, Paul Turk masterfully weaves parallel plots to their joyous intersection."

—Judy Madsen Johnson, Author, Stories from the Front Lines: The Battle Against Abortion, Oviedo, Florida

"Life's Choices is an easy read and an eye opener to the citizen who has not yet crossed paths with the pro-life movement. I recommend this novel if you are looking for a real life view of choices we face in today's culture."

—Mary Rodriquez, R.N., Program Administrator, Birthline/Lifeline Pregnancy Care Centers
Delray Beach, Florida

"Life's Choices, by Paul Turk is truly an awe inspiring work. Although Paul claims this book is fiction, it is so factual that you could say, 'The names have been changed to protect the innocent.' Life's Choices is really two books in one, combining the elements of saving unborn children at abortion clinics, through the crisis pregnancy centers and then through the choice of either abortion or giving the baby life. The other element in this wonderful book deals with the choice one man makes that could lead to life in prison. Paul intertwines the characters of both segments of the book in such a way that Jesus in truly magnified. I highly recommend this book for all Pro-life people and also for those in the legal profession and those interested in the legal workings in courts in America. I would say Life's Choices is a must read for everyone."

—Pastor Ed Martin, Pastor to the Unborn Children, Conyers, Georgia

"Life's Choices is a book which is both entertaining and enlightening. Paul Turk provides great insight into often misunderstood pro-life help. He gives detailed descriptions of what goes on at Sidewalk Prayer outside of abortion mills, the purpose of Crisis Pregnancy Centers and how they can help, and the in's and out's of adoption. Mr. Turk uses his fictional novel to promote a culture of Life. I highly recommend this book."

—Yoli Cory, Hiawassee, Georgia

"Paul Turk's latest novel, Life's Choices, is a gripping, thought-provoking story that you will not want to put down until the conclusion. It is a riveting narrative, with a likeable circle of friends, who exhibit godly character and a real compassion for others. The book will make you wish you had friends such as these, even though many led criminal lives before having life-changing experiences. It makes you want to live in Paul Turk's world, where life is all about how you can help others and bring joy to their lives. Life's Choices is a book about second chances and are presented from a Christian perspective. His legal knowledge enriches the story, while bringing courtroom scenes to life. Paul Turk's fiction inspires, draws you closer to God, makes you feel cleansed inside and fills you with hope."

—Kathy Johnson, Esq. Attorney and Author of Starlette Universe –Book 2: Eva from E-ville Delray Beach, Florida

"I heartily recommend Life's Choices for any reader who is looking for a story filled with legal suspense and a pro-faith, pro-life message. Paul Turk manages to weave together a tale of how our life choices can impact our families, our future and even our freedom. With hard-hitting courtroom scenes and a story that is warm, encouraging and true-to-life, he exposes the weighty issues at play, but demonstrates the mercy and grace of God at work. "Life's Choices" is a wonderful read for the community of faith, but also for anyone who is confronted with this issue. It will challenge your thinking, but mostly, it demonstrates that there is always hope."

—A. Wayne Gill, Esq., Attorney, minister and author of The Runner, Lake Worth, Florida

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About the Author

Paul Turk, a former trial attorney, practiced law in West Palm Beach, Florida for thirty years until he changed careers to pursue his long-time ambition of writing fictional legal novels with Christian themes. Paul and his wife, Katherine, have been married for forty years. They have three adult children and two grandchildren