Lil’ Lilly’s ‘Bow’thday Present

Fun vocabulary builder!


Kathy Johnson is the creator of Starlette Universe, a virtual girl-world that promotes character development. A Phi Beta Kappa graduate and lawyer, she continues her series of Lil’ Lilly books with Lil’ Lilly’s ‘Bow’thday Present. Learn why Eva morphs into a filly (to be a scare and Lilly’s biggest night ‘mare’) and why Eva’s so obsessed with Lilly, (because Lilly’s so ‘spell’ial (special)–she’s a love vessel). Read how Lilly learns life’s most valuable lesson–That love is the key–to being happy–and defeating evilry. And celebrate with Lil’ Lilly her birthday: That magical, mystical morn–the day Lil’ Lilly was ‘bow’rn (born).

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Kathy Johnson






6 x 9

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Illustrated by Dick Kulpa




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About the Author

Kathy Johnson is an attorney, creator of Starlette Universe and mother of Miss Vermont 1999 and Miss Vermont USA 2001 as well as a Phi Beta Kappa graduate from the University of Georgia. She is a J.D. graduate from the University of Florida School of Law. The six Starlettes appeared in Pageantry Magazine for seven years and became the basis for the Starlette Universe series, which is replete with rhyme and wordplay. Eva From E-ville, a book of 1,000 puns is the second book in the middle-grade series. The first book is ‘CAT’astrophe. Kathy Johnson is also the author of What a Babe, which introduces Lil’ Lilly as the newest member of the Starlette Universe cast. Eva From E-Ville is unique in that it presents a new genre of story telling, “Piction,” where brightly colored text and over 300 illustrations interact to tell Eva’s story. For everyone who reads this book, the author offers this advice, “Whatever you do, don’t let ‘EVA’L get you!”