Mr. Mistake: Mind Your Manners in a Restaurant

Book of the Year Award Creative Child Magazine
Los Angeles Book Festival Award

Manners are important and Mr. Mistake is an excellent book about teaching table manners and eating in a restaurant.


Book of the Year Award Creative Child Magazine
Los Angeles Book Festival Award

Max Mistake (Mr. Mistake) is visiting his cousin, Missy Mistake. They will be going to a fancy restaurant and Max is aware he does not know the “rules of the table” – which is like knowing the rules to any game – and he certainly doesn’t want to look like a farm animal while eating!  Mannie shows Max the correct way to eat and act while dining with others. Knowing these rules helps Max “win the game” when it comes to table manners!

What People Say

Mr. Mistake can help children navigate what good manners look like when going out to eat. This book can help us all remember to be kind towards each other, as well as expectations such as holding the door for someone or thinking of others around us. This story can open up important conversations about learning how to ‘be’ with others. —Barbara Simmons, Executive Director Emeritus, The Peace Center, Langhorne, PA

My 10-year-old grandson and I enjoyed this book together. He thought it would help him feel more confident when going out to eat and meeting people. Questions and engaging illustrations coupled with pleasant humor make this a fun and informative book!  — Helen VanSise, Director, Kids Day Out Preschool, Mount Pocono, PA


Donna Bostany, Lisa Butowsky



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Illustrated by Donna Bostany




6 x 9

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About the Authors

Donna Bostany is a Certified Etiquette Instructor with Your Charming Child ~ Etiquette Instruction and teaches preschool music and yoga. She holds a BA degree in Theater Arts from Penn State University and has been featured in stage, television and movie productions. Ms. Bostany has many creative talents including hair styling, make-up application, sewing and illustration. She believes that “Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.” ~JFK

Zoom Into Books Author

Lisa Butowsky is a Certified Etiquette Instructor and Founder of Your Charming Child ~ Etiquette Instruction. She has a BS degree in Infancy and Early Childhood Development from Penn State University. Ms. Butowsky has spent much of her career working with children in various settings and has worked with troubled teens as a Mental Health Technician. She firmly believes that strong interpersonal skills contribute substantially toward workplace and relationship success. Teaching these skills is ideal starting at a young age but it’s never too late!