Miss Mistake: Mind Your Manners at Home

Join Miss Mistake as she learns how to be her very best self at home, at school, in a restaurant, at the movie theater and everywhere!



Miss Mistake sometimes doesn’t know the proper thing to say or do around others. Thank goodness for her smart butterfly friend, Mannie, who teaches her the polite thing to say or do in a way that is fun and kind. Miss Mistake loves to learn proper etiquette and everyone is impressed by her new social skills! Studies show that children who are socially adept are more successful throughout their lives (when it comes to making friends, doing well in school, avoiding risky behaviors and holding a stable job). Join Miss Mistake as she learns how to be her very best self at home, at school, in a restaurant, at the movie theater and everywhere!

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“Miss Mistake: Mind Your Manners At Home is a lovely elementary book that truly depicts the essence of having good manners and respect toward one another. It also illustrates to children that having respect, good manners, and being courteous to one another can promote a healthy learning environment. I would recommend this delightful children’s book for any parent or teacher who has children second grade through 6th grade.”

Dr. Claudio Cerullo, School Principal and Founder of Teach Anti Bullying at www.teachantibullying.org

“Miss Mistake is a realistic character who helps children learn polite ways to behave in common situations. Her experiences offer a springboard for great conversations and problem solving.”

Karen Smith, Reading Specialist, Governor Mifflin School District Berks Co., PA


Donna Bostany, Lisa Butowsky





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Illustrated byDonna Bostany

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6 x 9



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  1. Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

    Missy Mistake lives in a small town in Pennsylvania and is ten years old. Everyone calls her Miss Mistake. Her best friend’s name is Manner Lee and she calls him Mannie. He is polite and smart and helps Missy a lot. Mannie has good manners but Missy does not pay too much attention to manners, especially on a bad day. Mannie thinks that everyone should be treated properly and there are no excuses for behaving rudely. Missy’s grandparents are going to visit her family for a week and her mother has given Missy’s room to them during their stay. Missy is not too happy about it and she wants them to use the couch but her mother tells her that she should show respect to her grandparents.

    Miss Mistake: Mind Your Manners by Lisa Butowsky and Donna Bostany is a wonderful book that teaches children basic manners with the help of Missy, her family, and Mannie. The illustrations by Donna Bostany make the concept clear and help readers comprehend what the authors are trying to convey. It is the perfect storybook for school and homes when it comes to teaching children manners in an interesting way without sounding too preachy and making it boring. I like the authors’ approach to the topic and they make the characters and the situations real and relatable. Reading this book will definitely help children to behave properly. The question and answer session toward the end of the story is useful and helpful when it comes to learning good manners.

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About the Authors

Donna Bostany is a Certified Etiquette Instructor with Your Charming Child ~ Etiquette Instruction and teaches preschool music and yoga. She holds a BA degree in Theater Arts from Penn State University and has been featured in stage, television and movie... Read More

Lisa Butowsky is a Certified Etiquette Instructor and Founder of Your Charming Child ~ Etiquette Instruction. She has a BS degree in Infancy and Early Childhood Development from Penn State University. Ms. Butowsky has spent much of her career working with... Read More