The Adventures of Penny & Tubs: The City on the Sea Audio Book

Mom’s Choice Award Silver Winner- Children’s Book Ages 5-8, Fiction
Reader’s Favorite Bronze – Best Children’s Preschool Book
Paris Book Festival Honorable Mention

Illustrated by Maggie Chamberlin


Mom's Choice Award Silver Winner- Children's Book Ages 5-8, Fiction
Reader's Favorite Bronze - Best Children's Preschool Book
Paris Book Festival Honorable Mention

What do your children dream about? Penny and Tubs dream about an adventure to the City on the Sea. Your children will embrace these lovable characters as they discover an imaginary world of floating homes and underwater playgrounds. They learn how different people live and make a new friends. Join in their adventure today!

Penny and Tubs Adventure books and music are created to stimulate and encourage children to want to read. Developing a love of reading can lead to a lifetime of learning and reading enjoyment. Research shows that reading comprehension and word recognition improve when children are interested in what they are reading. As children engage in these enjoyable stories and others like it, literacy skills will develop naturally.

What People Say

“Since all children understand the language of art, the vivid imagery of words and corresponding illustrations makes Penny and Tubs a delightful segway to the prose of reading”—Jennifer G. McGraw, MA, LPAT, Licensed Professional Art Therapist

“Every reader will be able to connect to the magical adventures of Penny and Tubs. This story and the upbeat, island style music will inspire young readers to dream their own adventures and write their own stories. Children will want to read this story again and again and dream big, fun, magical, dreams. I am looking forward to meeting Penny and Tubs on another adventure.”—Denise Prescott, First Grade Teacher, Burlington, KY

“Marcie May and Margaret Zerhusen bring the magic back to reading through Penny and Tubs's magical adventures. This story will captivate young children and encourage their love for reading as they will be anticipating the next exciting adventure.” —Kara Kruchinski, Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education (B.A.E)Masters in Education (M.Ed) with Reading Writing


Marcie May, Margaret “Vonnie” Zerhusen


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About the Authors

Marcie May was already singing in coffeehouses at age 14; at 16 she started singing with local bands, at 21 she was singing backup vocals in Nashville, Tennessee. She joined an all-girl band that was signed to Brown Dog Labels and toured all over the country. Years later Marcie wrote music for an Emmy winning daytime television for nearly 20 year. After that, she changed paths to become an author. Dream inspired, The Adventures of Penny & Tubs: The City on the Sea, first book in the series, was chosen for a Mom’s Choice Award and a Reader’s Favorite Award. Marcie is also the CEO and Founder of the Penny and Tubs Foundation (Non-Profit Organization for Literacy).

Margaret “Vonnie” Zerhusen, a Special Education teacher in Northern Kentucky and is currently working obtaining a Master’s degree with an endorsement in the area of Gifted and Talented. Vonnie began her journey to teaching by first attending Western Kentucky University and earning a degree in psychology. In 2008, she graduated from Northern Kentucky University with certification in the areas of elementary education and special education. She is also the Vice President of the Penny and Tubs Foundation.