The Tip of the Tale

Gold Mom’s Choice Award
Indie Book Award Finalist – Illustrative Children’s Book
Indie Book Award Finalist – Animals/Pets
Readers’ Favorite Honorable Mention – Children’s Animals
Preferred Choice Award Creative Child Magazine 
Zoom Into Books Author
Chicken dinner? Not today for a fox outwitted by cats and chickens. Wonderful humorous tale for the whole family!

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Gold Mom's Choice Award
Indie Book Award Finalist - Illustrative Children's Book
Indie Book Award Finalist - Animals/Pets
Readers' Favorite Honorable Mention - Children's Animals
Preferred Choice Award Creative Child Magazine 
The Tip of the Tale is a beautifully illustrated story of a fox hunting for a chicken dinner at the local farms. Rebuffed by barn cats at every stop, the wily fox decides to share the cat's bowl of milk and gets a surprise from the quick-footed cat!

This wonderful tale is an excellent early reader with the added surprise of hidden chickens at every farm and includes fox facts. The Tip of the Tale won first place in the Children’s Book Category of the West Virginia Writers’ Contest as an unpublished manuscript


Suzanne Alexander





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Illustrated by Ashley Teets




8.5 x 11

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  1. Kristine Zimmerman for Readers’ Favorite

    What do hungry foxes like? Chickens! In Suzanne Alexander’s book The Tip of the Tale, we meet a hungry fox who is searching for a delicious chicken meal. He spies a farm and heads there, only to see no chickens but a cat instead. When he asks that cat if there are any chickens, the cat says no and sends him on to the next farm. The story is repeated at each farm he visits until, finally giving up on finding chickens, he settles for some milk, only to have it splashed all over him. Even though the fox sees no chickens, eagle-eyed readers are sure to spot some chicks hiding in unusual places.

    The Tip of the Tale has all the elements needed to make it a great book for sharing in storytime. The story is fun and has a repeating element that kids love. Ashley Teets’s illustrations are expressive and full of humor. Kids will enjoy spotting the chickens that the fox doesn’t see, some hiding in plain sight. Many times after sharing a book about animals in storytime, I have had kids ask me for more information about those animals. I’m so glad that Alexander has included facts about red foxes at the end of her story. Suzanne Alexander clearly knows how to craft a story for young kids. The Tip of the Tale is simply a great story and one that will be asked for again and again.

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About the Author

Zoom Into Books Author

Suzanne Alexander has been a docent for the Huntington Museum of Art for over ten years as well as an outreach teacher for their Museum Making Connections program. Throughout her career as an elementary school librarian, language arts teacher, children’s librarian in a public library, and book columnist, Suzanne has shared her love of reading and art. She currently writes stories and articles for children and young adults, and is a member of the West Virginia Writers, Inc. and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. In her free time, Suzanne enjoys traveling which often creates inspiration for her writing.

Author Photo courtesy of Toby Werthammer

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